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4 Things To Search Out For When Looking For Land To Build Your Home In These Times


A lot of people search out for a levelled and a non-water-logged area when they’re looking for a land to build their homes or houses. They also ask about the price of the land.

However, these are not the only features to look out for when building a house. According to the Lord, there are other features they really need to look out for if they want to build a complete safe haven. He had explained to me that, most of these residential areas looking so fine, are aren’t safe havens at all.

However, in the following points, the Lord stressed on some additional features we’re to look out for, if we want to build that complete safe haven. He believed that, these kinds of features will help us save money in the future, as well.


(A) The Land Should Be At A Place Where There’s Enough Air: It is crucial to live in an area where there is enough good air around.

Yes, there should be enough ‘‘cool air’’ circulating in the community. Currently, if we should visit most of these urban communities or estates around, we’ll notice that there are not enough greens (trees) planted in those areas. In fact, we’ll see that most of the trees have been cut down, to accommodate the construction of tiled or paved walkways or for other apartments. In the event, when the weather is really hot in the summer, the surrounding air in those communities are so hot, affecting the temperature of the constructed rooms. So, often times, though the buildings are very nice, there is a lot of heat generated inside the rooms, making it quite uncomfortable for inhabitants to live or sleep in the rooms. In the process, they’ll have to seek for an artificial cooling system (an A.C), to cool off the hot air, while shutting every window.

Well, this is just unthinkable, to replace ‘cool natural oxygen,’ which are perfect for your lungs, for an unnatural cool energy, that can surely negatively affect your biological health.

Therefore, we’re to always consider the natural climate or weather first than using an A.C, which produces an unnatural air from a well a known dangerous gas: why must we change what is good from what is worse?

Why should we close our windows from those ‘cool natural air’ which are good and most supportive to our natural or biological health, to something which is not?

Moreover, there should be enough sunlight penetrating through the whole area. It should be one of the options too, you should consider. However, a place where there are so many trees permitted, will also allow that measure of ‘enough’ sunlight, to penetrate the area, as well as proving that cool and natural air, for the biological lungs of the people. The light must give enough sunlight to their rooms, even before considering an artificial light. Therefore, both sunlight and enough cool air, will give your environment, a soothing atmosphere.


(B) It Should Be A Fertile Land: According to Him, just because you’re trying to put an accommodation, doesn’t mean the place should not be a fertile.

You shouldn’t go for a dry, bare, infertile land.

It is advisable that you should be able to have a land, in which you can have a farm or a garden upon it.

‘A House Is Also A Production Centre,’ so He said.

It is a production place, for providing you and your household, some organic foods. This can help you in solving some food famine and food hygiene issues, currently plaguing the markets, or may happen somewhere in the future. Adam and Eve, being a couple, were made to farm and make their own garden, at which was at the same place they were made to live. In other words, with quality air and light (sunlight) in place, they have to use part of their land for obtaining or growing the best kinds of food, so as to overcome food shortages and food famine issues, possible to come in their future.

If we do not produce our own quality foods, we’ll be forced to eat GMOs produced, and sent to the supermarkets.

(In the end, our health shall be affected, as we’ll be posed to a lot of health-threats from food).

As you can see, this wisdom is avoided by most estate communities. (There are no portions of land left for the growing of (quality) food! (Everything is about the visibly nice buildings, they’ll put up).


(C) There Must Be Water In The Land:

You cannot do without water, and nobody can do without water. To obtain food from the land, is much as important, as getting water from the land.

(Without water, you cannot plant, nor fully consume your food. Now, while the good air and sunlight raw materials to help you grow your organic food, without water involved, the whole process can never be completed).

If you’re looking for a land for your place, consider a place (a land), in which water, may be underneath it. Now, if that is possible, dig a well, to obtain water, to ‘water’ your house. (There several water treatment agencies, who can treat the water for you). Now, the moment fresh good air, sunlight, food (quality food), as well as natural water is obtained for your house, you are heading towards a safe haven. (After all, these are the very basic natural resources every man needs).

As well, you can do away with government provisions (for almost your entire life), should you obtain all these features, from the land. Moreover, your expenses over all these natural resources needed on daily basis, will be drastically cut short, saving you and your family a lot of money.

As you can attest to it, most of these resources are becoming very expensive and very hard to acquire, so if you can get all these important resources from the same land, you’ve done yourself a lot of good. Even those living in some of these rich developed estates, are currently finding it difficult to acquire them, which are due to possible price increment or inflation.

Hence, we’re to project into to the future to realize that, a house (or a home) goes beyond a fully designed blocks of apartments. So, should we get a perfect land, we’ll be getting all these economic features in one place, and that is better off than acquiring or to pay for them separately, which will become totally expensive (a burden), to our existence. Currently, this is how poorly, our global communities, have been designed. (Why not use one these stones, to kill all these birds?)

Wisdom is profitable, for success!



When looking for a land, you have to consider the surrounding. You have to consider to see whether it is a good place.

In short, can you live with the people in the community?

Are they peace-loving people? Do they respect each other?

Are they also clean?

These are factors you must consider; for there are times people build a house, but cannot stand the people.

They are not peace-loving people, and they cause a lot problems. Why will you live in a community which is a harbour of kidnappers, armed robbers, or drug addicts?

You have to consider all these factors as well, or you can’t live in that community, of which your building is situated.


These are some of the factors the Lord raised; and as you can see, they are very important for us to give them a thought if we want to live well, to curb the future difficulties, as the global economy is not doing well right now.


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