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5 Things To Do To Make Your Business Sell Right Away, In These Hard Economic Times!


Okay, let’s say you’re a ‘family man,’ or a ‘family woman’ and nowadays, businesses are not doing so well at your end. This is making you feel uncomfortable but you’d like to grow. Obviously the modern economic challenges, have caused things not to soar well for you. Obviously, this is making you angry, and putting you into some shame!

Now, according to the Lord, there are a lot of things that you can do, to resuscitate your business well in a hard economic time. My goal here which the Lord had spoken to me about is to share with you on tips on how your business can grow in the hard economic hard time of this 21st Century! Now, below were some of the very important or crucial tips the Lord shared with me in which I’m also going to share with you now!


.(A) Indulge in Mass Marketing

It’s true, that one of the reasons why your business is not soaring these days is because too few people know about your business(es). You might have ‘exhausted’ the clients in your area or your community, but without knowledge: This time round, you need to move further. So you should need, a wider market!

The Lord said to me that, in order to do that, you need to do a mass marketing campaign. These campaigns, will be by two ways! Mass digital marketing, and mass traditional marketing; or advertisements. Even though t.v and radio adverts are good, and very part of traditional marketing, we’re not saying you should do t.v and radio adverts.

The simplest way is to do a creative flyer, with an A4 paper type, and then share amongst the people-in wherever they’re in town. Sure, it doesn’t cost much to do an A4 paper type of flyer! As well, it works well in bringing customers.

The other level, is to do mass digital marketing; and this you can do with Facebook, Instagram (and others), to reach a wider market-place (populace) on the digital platform.

(Also, you can decide to post your advertisements on a Free AD-Classified Site. (For example, Shockersale.com and Olx are free and very good marketplaces you can try). (We created Shockersale.com for; for you to sell there Freely!). Obviously, these will give your business a wider (bigger) advertisement. However, if you want faster results, then you must be consistent with these!


(B) Pricing

A lot of people are overly pricing things too ‘high’ these days; that’s why they’re not getting much sales from their businesses. The Lord told me, ‘Build A Quality Thing And Sell IT Cheap. Don’t Build A Quality Thing, To Sell It Expensive.’’ According to the Lord, most people like to

  1. Sell an inferior product Expensive
  2. Secondly, Like to sell an inferior product cheap
  3. And thirdly, they like to sell a quality product, expensive!

However, they usually go away from selling ‘’A quality product ‘’less expensive or inexpensive,’’ which should cause greater  ”Attraction,’’ to rather give them sales. (So, that’s what the Lord explained to me is happening).

Imagine you building a quality product, in which everybody is able to buy or afford, you won’t miss a day in which you won’t make sales, even though times are said to be very hard! (This should be considered in your marketing!).

Well, this is what the world is turning into-those who sell inferior inexpensive, inferior cheap, and even quality but expensive are secretly, the ones dwindling down in sales! However, those who will take the pain to sell a quality product cheap, or inexpensive, but as well find a way to make their profits through large sale-selling, will be those making more money patiently over time.

As we speak, nowadays people are looking for things they ‘need’ but which they can really afford them cheaper as against what other people are calling out in the markets.

Certainly, it’s most likely and have even been found out that even if your product is 1 dollar expensive than other brands of the same product they’ll most likely go to the other.

So building a quality product and taking the pain to sell it cheap and running ‘mass marketing on over it’ both digitally or traditionally is what will bring lots of sales in these very hard economic times! Obviously, we know that this condition is because of the economy not favouring many people  nowadays.

Even I must say that the rich are finding ways to reduce their expenditure nowadays. and if that was not the case most big companies which are owned today by rich-big men will not be finding it easy to be laying off workers, or to employ less people thus, rendering many people jobless!

(Yes, this is also the reason why the average market now will wait for a business to give huge discount sales on such great days as Black Fridays, Christmas and New Years Days in which many promotions are will be carried, to now buy or spend a lot more!

So take this advice and change things to work each and every day for you according to the Lord’s advice, so your product’s prices could be much attractive in the market when it should come to the prices you’ve listed all your items!

More so, the way you can sell quality products cheap is to also break them down into small cheap sections, subscriptions, and portions. Hence, by selling them in smaller units for the average men who needs some obviously, things can indeed work for you. (Of course, we know that many times the bigger the product the higher the price!)

If you should do things this way in the modern markets, you’ll not struggle to be making sales because the average psychological mindset of every customer these days is, ‘‘I want things quality, but cheap!’’


(C) Repackaging: repackage your contents, services, or products; ‘’Understand that life is all about attraction,’’ that’s one secret the Lord spoke to me about!

Have you heard of the saying, that something like ‘a book sells by its cover?’’

So that is to mean, that if the book cover is not attractive you may not get buyers  nor sales. The Lord explained, that we must try and make a cover or a product package, which will be ‘first’ to captivate people’s attention the minute they should walk into a room, with several other attractive or colourful products. If you should do this, people will pick up the product, with you even having to ask them. ‘‘This should be self-marketing,’ which draws much attention (curiosity) of ordinary customers.

Yet, one of the things to do, is to add your product amongst a list of other products in a shop, and ask others, which one they think smartly makes them very curious about, even by attraction-and that makes them fall in love!

If they’ll pick yours, then when it should get into the markets it’ll obviously get people curious, and break down other competitive attractions, and also obviously cause a better rush! Understand that, when the product has a stronger, or a better attraction, mass marketing  with surely an ‘understandable good pricing’ which we spoke about, will drive the product into the hands of an average-human customer!

He’ll dare to try!

So simply, it’s also very true that if also the entire business environment and the business product in such a business environment are not attractive, and are not calling people to be extremely or very curious, it can reduce the number of customers which come to your ‘portion’-since they’re not feeling attracted enough, though you may have the best, or the good product!


(D) Build Quality:

I formed a saying, and it says ‘‘Quality, Doesn’t Talk Much.’’ If you know you’re selling the right thing why should you be afraid? You won’t be anywhere near the word ‘afraid.’ Hence, that’s why the people too will not to be afraid with picking up the product again and again without warning, and will even do ‘verbal’ marketing for you. ‘This ‘verbal’ marketing from the human world travels faster than anything in this marketing world since the reviews and the recommendations are from the real humans who’ve tasted it!).

When people begin to recommend others to your product, then it means ‘you’re the first’ seller which they find on their mind any time they’ll think of buying such a product on the market!

Hence, the trick is try to become the ‘first’ seller on their mind, when that type of product is mentioned!

Sure, you’ll be getting calls on days you’re not even selling, just because a desperate customer heard about you! Thus, get to the place where you’re no more calling the people to buy as market women like to do, but others are rather calling people to come and buy thereby they may try as well, to book for availability of your product even in advance.

So according to the Lord, until you do this you’re not going to sell much!

Hence, there must be tweaks and turns you give to your business, which should be from time to time in sure regard to this until you realize there’s an influence on them.

‘‘In business, we sell strategy before we sell the products,’’ said the Lord to me. Your Strategy Will Be Behind Your Business Offer!


(E) Give (Your Quality Product) for free.

Immediately you hit good pricing and good quality with your product hit the markets with a lot of free products to easily captivate the interest of the people. Yes, your product is attractive and you know you’ve hit on quality and a few tasted people are over-emphasizing and can’t ever stop their satisfied comments as well. Now, with your ‘eye-catching product’ in your hand, run the streets and give a lot more free to people to taste with your mass digital and traditional marketing campaign. You’ll be shocked how many people will jump for it. In seconds, because you opened their eyes! Seek for the genuine reviews, and play them on other untested customers.

Nevertheless, one of the ways to know whether you product is very much quality, is to give it to a group of 10, or more neutral people to try your product , with that of your major competitors inclusive, without them knowing about yours; ask them which one they think they’ll buy over again, and again, after looking at that taste! Well, nevertheless, if your product was not picked, don’t give up! Pick the recipe of your competitors product and add value to it as yours, and then ask them again.

Yeah, they’ll pick yours and they should do! Then they’ll ask you:

‘‘Where can we get this new type of wholesome wine to buy?’’ Now is the time you know they can recommend others to yours, than what they’d been badly ‘spoilt’ with or have been made to be used to!

Surely, you’re the one who knows where they’ll get it also! Yet, remember to put the best and most attractive packaging ever which should drive curiosity after hitting the high ‘quality frequency,’ before you should also hit the streets with your mass marketing campaigns with your better satisfying, less expensive or inexpensive product! So now, you’ll be selling a quality product, and it’s inexpensive!

You’ve obviously gotten it now!

Finally, if we should ‘fully’ do all these things to our businesses, it’ll really help our businesses!

Love, Rest And Peace Be With You!

Prince Akogo.


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