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Be A Solutions-Focused Important Journalist From Home


The news is all about bad stuff! Turning the News into A BETTER NEWS could rather be, a better form of business.

Most news stations, just talk about bad stuff which is why the world is also seen as a dangerous place. today!

Why not you start a news-blog where you talk only about impactful or positive news going round the world, and become a ‘Solutions-Focused Journalist’and to become  different from the rest?

This can attract a lot of people who’re just tired about negative stuff and want their soul to be polarized to positive things or stuff!

Well, you can hirer a freelance website development company like handymay.com to give you your great news-blog, at a very cheaper price!

Yikes! You’ve started your Publications!

The ways to monetize your site will include serving your site with Google Adsense, selling Ad Spaces for people and businesses to place their ads on your site, selling eboooks, courses, webiners, subscriptions, and eventually opening an online shop of good and positive stuff on the site to make money.

Understand that, life is about ‘concepts,’ so it’s really about your concepts that will make things sell out for you today!

This is for boys, girls, men and women who have Interests in journalism!

You can too, if you want!


Prince Akogo

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