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Easy Building Ideas: Easy Building Between Four Friends!

TORONTO, ONTARIO: FEBRUARY 1, 2012 - A semi detached home at 142-144 Northcote Avenue in Toronto, Ontario, Thursday, March 1, 2012. (Tyler Anderson/National Post) (For Toronto story by Peter Kuitenbrouwer) //NATIONAL POST STAFF PHOTO

Is not one plot of land $2000 dollars (10,000ghs)? Friends (about 4 friends) could come together and share the bill, so each will contribute just $500 dollars to acquire the land. It means that, 1 plot of land could be divided among the friends. This is a mutual agreement they’ll all come to do.

So, they’ll go and buy 1 plot of land, and divide it among themselves.

Land Divided Amongst 4 Friends, So Each Person Gets A Quarter, To Build A Storey!

Each will build upon his portion, and each could build his own into a storey building to get more rooms, since the acquired space is small.
With this plan in mind, it’s not difficult or expensive to put a building on it, since the acquired space is small. Also, mind you, that there will also be sharing of walls. Moreover, they could leave a small space, infront or somewhere to park their cars.

Graphic Image 1


Another Graphical Design for you

So by this calculation, by just another 500$, each can lay one room or building, upon his share. So, this means, with just 1000$ you can buy a land, and build their first stretch of room, that is,acquiring your first property.
However, if you think you want this to be faster, you can use your portion of land as collateral to acquire that 500$ loan from a financial institution. Like a bank, to build this single room as you first property, and then repay them later. This should be quite easy for you.
This was one idea the Lord said to me to tell you, regarding individuals building that fast…


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