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How 4 Friends Can Come Together To Put Up Their Own Homes

TORONTO, ONTARIO: FEBRUARY 1, 2012 - A semi detached home at 142-144 Northcote Avenue in Toronto, Ontario, Thursday, March 1, 2012. (Tyler Anderson/National Post) (For Toronto story by Peter Kuitenbrouwer) //NATIONAL POST STAFF PHOTO

How 4 Friends Can Come Together To Put Up Their Own Homes

In this post, we’ll share an idea of how 4 friends can come together to build their homes at a minimal cost. Now, currently, a plot of land cost about 2000 dollars, with respect to my country. So, in a way to build, these 4 friends can come together to share that amount between themselves; thus, each one is expected to contribute about $500.

So then, when the land is divided, each one is supposed to have a quarter plot to himself.

From here, they’ll have to come up with a one storey-building semi-detached building plan, which will affect each one of the quarter plots. Hence, two homes of a semi-detached story building, which belongs to two people, will be at the front, with two of the same type of apartments at the back, which will belong to the other two. The reason why this type of building needs to be a story building is because, since a quarter plot is small, raising the building as a story building 4 detached homes, will make each home owner have more rooms. (The top could be their bedrooms, and the down part their halls and other rooms).

Moreover, they can leave a small space somewhere in front of the house, to park their cars.


1 Full Plot Divided Into 4: A Quarter Plot Four Each


A 4 Semi Detached 1 Storey, For 4 Families


Now, supposing that approved building plan between these four people, is going to cost $5000 to put up, then they are equally going to share the bill among themselves, until the building is fully raised.

So then, over here too, each will contribute a quarter of that $5000, which is around $1250 to put up his detached home.

This means, overall, each one bore or paid at least, $1750 to a buy land, and own a semi-detached story building upon it,

With this plan, according to the Lord who gave the idea, it is much easier for everyone to get his first property, before looking elsewhere for other bigger properties he or she will like to own.

Sometimes, when the cost is divided, it makes it easier for everyone to afford an expensive property.

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