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Enter Into The Book Publishing Business: Write Your Own Book & Sell!


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You have a laptop? Do you have something to share with the world, whether it’s a real or unreal story? Do you have a subject in mind you know so well, that you can teach us all about?

Yes, you can write a book and tell us about it there.

It’s easy to write books these days and publish them with almost no money. Today, and have made it possible for us to do so! Hence, you don’t have to pay to list your book there. With Amazon you can both publish your book in both e-book format and paperback format.

You simply have to write the book you feel like writing about, on your laptop with Microsoft Word Application. Go to Amazon and Smashwords for their formatting guidelines for you to format the book, according to these guidelines.

However, before you upload, you’ll need to register with Amazon kdp at and with Smashwords, by clicking on the ‘Join For Free’ button on, to answer some few questions and fill in your details.

Once you’re done, you’ll then go ahead and list your books. Mostly, when listing your book, you’ll be asked for your author name, the book title, the book description, the book genre, and other simple information.

For both Smashwords and Amazon Kindle Book Publishing, it takes less than 72 hours for your books to show up in their bookstore section for the world to see. These online sites take only a small cut when a book has sold. So, you don’t pay any dime at all to them when you’re registering or listing your books; and you can list unlimited number of books!

Once your book appears you could copy the link and start sharing it on your blog (if you have one), on facebook, whatsapp, twitter, and many others.

On ad Classified sites too, you could also advertise them there..

Yes, you could also do a youtube video, talk about the subject in relation to the content of book, and then introduce the book for the viewers to buy for better understanding. That means, you’ll have to self-promote or market the book.

However, if you want others to promote the book for you, then you’ll need to pay for book advertisement and marketing services to do that for you. You can get some of these advertisers on and

Bingo! You’re good to go. You’ve now set-up an international publishing business.

I’m also a publisher myself, and I have my books listed, particularly on Amazon-where most of the online publishers as well go to. Try It; It works!

Prince Akogo

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