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Ideas: An Easy Home Building & Business Structure!


A lot of people become stressed up when they are talking about buildings. However, one of the best things the Lord said to me you can do as an easy way of building, is to build up one long-stretched building for both a use as a shop, and a sleeping area alternatively; this, can be your initial building on a quarter plot of land, or on a half plot of land, as well.
Apart from all that, if you also have a store, you can actually convert your store into both a sleeping area, and also a working space, at the same time to save yourself some money or some capital. So then, this will solve Both Your Accommodation and Business Problems, and at the same time. So, while you use the office or your store for work or business (in the morning), you may lay a mat on the floor and sleep upon it (in the evening). You can buy one, or tell you carpenter to turn the bed, into an automatic bed and chair structure. Nobody, will do you harm-It’s your home and business property!

Prince Akogo


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