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Easy Building Strategy: Transform Your Wooden Buildings Into A Concrete One


Who said wooden homes aren’t that good? Well, I’ve seen some very beautifully crafted wooden homes out there which were 10 time nicer, compared to concrete homes. We live in a world where most people prefer expensive concrete homes to relatively cheaper wooden homes.

However, the truth which has eluded most people is that, wooden homes can be sometimes crafted better than concrete homes. Well, should you get the right person to craft one of those wooden homes for you, you’ll really love it. So, usually, the problem is getting the right artisan to do it for you, as not everyone has the arts of doing this. If you should get the right person, he’ll put up the best home design for you, out of woods.

Now, there is also a flexibility in creating wooden homes. (The Lord had showed me that, it is possible to convert a wooden home into concrete ones.)

So, may be, you had put up a wooden house because you were on a tight budget. After using this home for a while, you’ll prefer to convert it into the usual concrete home.

So, in that way, when you’re ready to do the conversion, start by digging a trench around your house, to start with the foundation. Now, the moment you’re about to raise the foundation and walls of your concrete building, move your wooden house away from that location, if it’s moveable.

The moment you move the house out of that location, there are a number of things you can do with this relocated wooden house:

  1. You can rent it at where it has been relocated, to raise some capital to assist you in completing this concrete building, as concrete buildings are often expensive to build.
  2. If this is not an option for you, you can maintain it to add it up to your concrete property, the moment it is completed. This means, you have a nice concrete home and wooden house being attached together, to form two homes.
  3. Instead of the above points, you may also have the option to convert this wooden home into your shop or office. So, it becomes your office for business, while the new concrete building, serve as your new home. It means, you do have your business and your house situated at one place.
  4. The wooden home can also be constructed into a desired structure, like a summer hut.
  5. There is also an option for you to dismantle this wooden home. So, you’ll ask you carpenter to dismantle its windows, doors, ceilings and other parts of it, to fix them (properly) on your new brick or block building. In other words, you’re using that resource to complete your concrete building structure. Parts of the dismantled wooden home can be used to build windows, doors, bed frames, cabinets, as well as to complete the roofing system.
  6. Maybe, after dismantling that wooden building, you’ll convert everything into the room furniture, so you save money on buying room furniture.


So, to covert your wooden house into a concrete building is actually doable, and you too can do it today in the steps shown you, if you want to. Otherwise, keep that cute accommodation the way it is.


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