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Your Easy Building Idea: Transforming Your Wooden Houses Into Concrete!


Who said wooden houses are not good, especially if the design is nice? Yeah, I’ve seen some very wonderfully designed wooden buildings, which I’ve not in brick or concrete buildings!

I tell you the truth! Well, in this modern world, our eyes just wants to see ‘new’ or ‘big’ things, and the only buildings we think are really nice and correct are the expensive concrete buildings.Yet, you’re wrong. (Concrete mortar buildings, are not the best kinds of buildings-brick buildings are).
The Lord then said to me ‘’Wooden Buildings are nice, especially if it’s built by the right kind of people or person.’’

That means that, not everybody knows that art of building wooden buildings. Indeed, there are some very skilful artisans or carpenters, who can actually put up for you a very nice wooden building. Hence, what the Lord meant was that, it is good if you meet the right one. They’ll give you a nice design you’ll never forget. If you want some very powerful ‘cute’ wooden designs, you can look for them on the internet, to find the great, perfect and cute ones.
Secondly, though you may be a fun of concrete buildings, the Lord showed me how you can, in the future convert a building, into a concrete building.
So let’s say, you are on a tight budget, and you’re a youth, and because financial reasons, you would like to put ip a wooden building. first. Though you like it, you’d like to convert it into a concrete building, when you get money.
In that way, when you’re ready in future, start by

(A) Dig a trench on the land; around your wooden building or house. So then, though you’re still living in your wooden building, you’ll be building around it, around it’s wooden walls till you reach it’s height or it’s lentil. (You can allow a few space between your wooden wall and you new block or brick house, or at desired room sizes. Hence, don’t destroy your previously built nice wooden building to put up the block or brick house. Just build around it.

(B) Now, raise the walls,
Regarding materials, know that, you already have a wooden structure you’re sleeping in, so you don’t have to be in a rush in getting the materials for the new building, so take your time. Do this at your own disposable time to add up, to your house, and should be, according to how things go on well with you.

(C) Make sure you new structure, as the block or brick building has it’s doors and windows at desired places.
Moreover, to get a new room, ‘flow’ the top of your new brick or concrete building-to continue it into a storey building later, if THAT’S WHAT YOU WANTED!

So now, there are several good things you can do with your nice wooden structure, ones your concrete building gets to the place it must be roofed!

(1) You can rent it after you’ve finished building your house, TO RAISE SOME MONEY. That money, can be used to continue and finish your concrete building!

(2) You can maintain it to add it up to your new property; so what? You have a nice wooden building, and also, a new concrete building. (Your wooden building should be close-by your concrete building).

(3) You can now also convert the place, into your wood-building business shop (kiosk), or office!
You have a room, and a shop now. It’ll be 2 rooms together with a wooden business shop, if you’d raised the concrete building into your storey building structure!
Therefore, your business and your new house will be situated situated together, sharing the same space, in the same compound!

(4) You can also completely sell it immediately, to raise money to finish up your works!

(5) You could also convert it too, into a new desired structure (Into some kind of Summer Hut, for instance!)

(6) Perhaps, you could think about this; you wouldn’t need to buy up wood again, for finishing and furnishing, of your desired brick or block house. You can surely ask you carpenter to dismantle its windows, doors, ceilings and other parts of it, to fix them (properly) on your new brick or block building or house!

That is surely going to manage time, save your money, and resources. Part of wood, could be used for decorating or wood-lining of the rooms!

(7) You could also decide to convert into a furniture, and use it to complete the furniture-sets of the house you just built; this could include the chairs, the roof, tables, your kitchen cabinets, hen-coops,drawers, and wardrobes. Thus, you wouldn’t need to go and buy anymore wood, for all your room furnishings. Hence, you should understand, that life is moved from stage to stage, and it was good you didn’t give up on anything, but had invested into your wooden building, formerly. Often wooden buildings, are easy to build easily and in no time-Such As The KIOSK Type!
(You can look online, for some great designs, of the kiosk types. There are some creative ones!).

So, you can start it, getting the right and good design and the right carpenter to do it for you. The structure can be on a quarter plot of land, or a half plot of land. Often, it costs around a 1000$ to get a quarter plot and a nice-roofed wooden building both put together, which you can also accomplish as a start-up, within time! A Quarter Plot Of Land Cost Around 500$.

The entire price will be about your choice! Yet, get into it one day at a time, so you’re not mounted on with a lot of financial pressure! More so can move today, and at your own pace to get the materials, from time to time!

(Apart from wooden houses, houses which were made with galvanized plates, could also be converted, into such desired manners!).
And when you’ve finished doing that, paint the house, plant nice grass around it, and with marble stones and flower pots around your house, you’ll surely live in such a ‘cool’ environmental-friendly house, or building!

Prince Akogo

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