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Do Business With Crowdfunding Sites!


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There are a number of websites out there where you can get support, if you have a good kind of business idea, and you need financial help to make it happen. These are the sites called ‘’Crowd-Funding’’ sites.

So, if you think you need financial help you can perhaps fall on any of these sites, where you’ll need to pitch your idea extremely well for the masses to see and inspect. There, you’ll also be asked to set how much you think the entire business will cost to start, breaking each detail and cost down for them to see. Whenever these philanthropists come to see your idea, and are very much convinced about your idea, you’ll stand the chance to get support right away, from a huge base of people (philanthropists) who will all generously contribute to make sure this vision does not delay, but must come to pass!

When you’re also done with your campaign, you could also share your links to get support from your family and friends on social media who could also read your pitched idea, to be there to on these sites, to support you.

Note: Just as you know they are helping you, be also there to give them a reward once they’ve succeeded in helping you to establish your business. In the business idea campaign, make sure you state that as well, showing them what sort of rewards they’ll get. This could be the reason why many of them will like to support you in this kind of business. For instance, you could tell them that, as your reward ‘‘your thank you reward,’’ you’ll give a piece of the cake to taste, if it your cake business idea, was what they’d funded. (Well, perhaps they’d wanted to taste it, that’s why they wanted to donate to it).

Perhaps, you can come up with your business, in this way! Finally,




PledgeMusic, And


are five great examples of these crowd-funding sites to get your Business Dreams funded. Typing crowd-funding sites in your google search, will lead you to many of them!

However, note: group of companies, will be starting a crowd-funding site on this platform to get people with their great ideas funded quite soon!

Wait Till It Comes!

Prince Akogo

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