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Rest Is A Stress Reliever


Have Your Leisure Hours, And Take Your Nap Each And Everyday! 

Do not miss your time of relaxation! It’s very important, if you Want To Stay Alive For Long. THEREFORE, YOU MUST HAVE LEISURE HOURS!

Stress is one of the things that puts your body under a bad un-relaxed, or in an uncomfortable state!

Therefore, in order to reduce this stress every now and then, you’ll need to fully cause your body to relax-resting your mind frequently, and your body’s nerves and muscles as well. Discipline Your Body, To Sleep!

You must do this, to overcome fatigue. Sure; rest will cause your whole being, to rest from fatigue of congestion, which will enable you to think well in the next phase of work you’re going to do, as well, helping your body’s nerves, bones or joints, and tissues, to relax from general body pains and weaknesses, that can eventually cause your entire system to break-down or too ‘shut down.’ This can break You Down, So That You Fall Sick, Terribly! 

Thus, rest and relaxation are the medicines that will cause your mind’s engine to relax, and cause your body’s problem of dis-comformity to reverse, or to retract into usual or normal comformity.

You need not go and buy pills. Rest, once you know you’re under stress. Yes, you need to understand that, over-working will put your psychological properties, chemical properties and biological properties, into discomformity, which will induce a general body weakness, until you relax the ‘energies’ of your body.

Money, is an evil that tries to take people from rest; yet the minute they get the money, they die out of stress or any stress-related disease, which at the end, causes them not to enjoy this very same money. So do not follow money to kill body (flesh); or to die soon.

Why do you suffer your body to eat the bread of sorrows? Relax everyday in the evening, and also, during intervals of work. Set your Calendar of Performance. Take advantage of work-leaves, break-times, or holidays, to relax your energies, and replenish all that you’ve lost. This is why God created for us both Sabbath days and Evenings, so that we can ‘relax’ our nerves after each day’s work.

Just like your farms let your body have a ‘fallow-period’ in-between works, and daily!Lands needs fallow periods to replenish their nutrients; it’s just similar to how you’d need to obviously put your body to it’s fallow period, to re-energize itself. Yet, if lands need it, then you’ll need it more!

Prince Akogo

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