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Do Not Walk In The Sun: Stress Reliever


One of the ways to avoid stress, is to learn not to walk, in the Sun directly, during the day. Yeah, we should learn not to walk in the heat of the Sun during the day!

Hence, when we are trying to go out there and the Sun is scorching upon us, we should try to find a place to hide, say under a tree, or a place which has a safe shade to hide ourselves; then afterwards, when the Sun scorching Intensities come down, then we continue; or otherwise, we could use an umbrella.

Walking in the Sun causes a lot of heat to enter into, us, and this absorbed heat, causes us to have a lot of stress that can make us feel so tired, miserable and uncomfortable within ourselves, during the day.

So then, we should learn not to walk directly in the sun, with the above specific methods!

Prince Akogo

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