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A Great Family Idea: Play With Your Wife Always

Happy couple embracing and laughing on the beach

Play With Your Wife Always

Love your wife and play with your wife. I mean laugh with her; curdle her. Tell nice things to her and let her indeed, have the joy of life! Let her know that Marriage is not a tensed-up community environment. Ah, both of you should know that by now. It should be smooth, and full of joy, with a lot if playing around. It’s not a fight; it’s not a battle!

It’s a Family Relationship!

It isn’t a Taboo.

It’s a Family.

The family is the place of love-sharing, and it’s likewise the place we extend that love to others. Yes, families must share their love with other people, doing good to other people. Yes, they must give to the poor. As a family, you’re supposed to do good to other people, doing many social responsibilities to help the needy and the poor. We’re not supposed to be like those families, who only care for their blood relations. So, there must be love shown towards others just as God had poured His love toward your families, each and everyday. (This point has been raised explained better in a different place).

Yeah, before your children come, begin playing with the wife of your youth.

 Marriage is an entertainment ground, a lecture hall, a school, where we learn, a business structure where we join hands to do or build it. a medical health centre where we also heal our wounds, a political centre where we understand the important roles of leadership.


YES, HAVE FAMILY ENTERTAINMENTS. So, Love your wife so much, and share your joy which God has given to both of you always!

You can do that, O MAN.

It’s a great industry of many things but the original purpose is to come together, and  to fulfill God’s assignments, as long us you are His children here upon Earth, which He created for BOTH of you.

Every marital man or woman wants to be “proud” with the marriage they came here to have. It is exactly what we all want to have.

Oh yes, Isaac was seen curdling his wife and so we must curdle our wives, so we can all be happy.

Indeed, a Family is where life begins, and that life must be nurtured, or tended with joy. Nevertheless, before parents can give their children joy unless they themselves have been having joy, before the children came, so that they can give that joy. Thus, they must long be having joy, before their children come,-so that it can reflect on their children.

Joy is Good, in every Family.

Prince Akogo.

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