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A Lovely Family Has The Needed Order

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A Lovely Family Has The Needed Order

A lovely family will have nothing short of order. How can you have the absolutely great family you need without any sense of order in the house at all?

However, by saying ”order” in the house, we do not mean a form of strictness in the house. This is just about showing love and respect to each and everyone who’s part of you in that house, even if they should be servants or your adopted children.

Now, order also means, everybody loving what he or she has been assigned to, or loves to do whatever he, or she was given to do in that house!

Now, when everybody understands his or her responsibilities in that house, and is doing it with respect, and on time, and with his or talents, as the part of their work which they faithfully need to do to bring about their portions in a the spirit-of-teamwork, to help in the development of that house. Thus, team-work is very necessary in the family! Hence, this is why God gives gifts and talents to each member of the House TO DO A PARTICULAR ROLE IN SUPPORT OF THE HOUSE! Togetherness, is Love.

So certainly, order is nothing but the place where we understand our responsibilities of the family, and we serve. So ‘service’ is a strong part of a family-business company!

Yes, order too is also everything about love, and care and respect.

Hence, our children are to learn the process of order and service in that house;’and by you instilling that order in that house, you’re also dealing with every manner of family confusion which will raise divisions, and disrupt the perfect love-systems of the family, which is surely the driving force of the Family.

So, you will have to explain to them their responsibilities, but you must train and teach them to love, to live in peace, and to respect, giving respect (honour) is due, in that house.

God, obviously was talking about ‘‘Order,’’ when He said this in the Bible:


Malachi 1:6 “A son honors his father, and a servant his master. 

Mal. 1:6 KJV

We must understand our positions in the house, and must know how we talk to each other; we must be sure of our limits; giving the necessary respect to whom respect is due. Therefore, the children must understand class and order!

This order indeed, is what will ensure that nobody breaks ranks, and everybody walks in the right path to become a visionary leader! So then, since children must be visionary leaders, this is why God tries to assign ” the vision,” first in front of every father, before these ideas will be communicated to their families for the family to walk in it.

So by they joining themselves together and bringing about every necessary piece of what what they’ve been given and out of their talents, that given ‘’agenda,” can be fulfilled.

Therefore, the leaders (the father’s and the mothers) must surely know their must understand their ‘‘Family Or Home Assignments,’ knowing which member of the family can undertake which work in the ‘‘given assignments.’’

Therefore, raising, is not just about giving birth: It’s about giving birth to, and raising up the right children, and directing the family, into that right point or way the family needs to go. Therefore by saying order, you understand that, a family is a company of workers, which should have it’s leader, assistants, and servants. So the greatest responsibilities from God lies in the hands, of those ”men” and “women’ whom God saw, and gave the right for them to marry. Hence for them to improve and to finish the whole work of God, then they must use ‘’THE SYSTEMS OF CLASS AND ORDER.’’ Understand therefore that, your family-raising, is about a Job, it’s about an assignment Which You Build With This Company!

(Find Much More On This In Book Called ‘’The Mystery Of The Family’’ Which God Spoke To Me To Write About And Had Led Me Into It!).

A family loses touch if there are no purposes nor works for that family. This family, will be disorganized if there are no set goals, or such responsibilities before them. A family, is like an ‘army’ which marches to fight a cause.

So then, order is surely what will knit the the followers and the leaders of this army, in life. The best of a family is recognized when love and responsibilities, have been driven into each one, and when each family man or woman in it, has found the joy to do it. When you see a family which is disorganized it means there’s no ‘’order,’’ and it means there’s nothing they’re achieving, as One Company Together. (So, this is why They Loose Joy). To them, all that they know is they share one just bloodline, but the family system goes beyond that.(It’s a forward-marching army in the Camp, with a Specific Purpose!)

Since all that they know is ‘’bloodline,’’ it means all that they know in the family is about, or just about socialization!

Hence, by giving us a family God is trying to say, is that “He’s given us a share of His work’ to do, in driving and leading our people into prosperity or into greatness! (Evidently, this was what SEX was about!).

(Hence, understand why there shall be judgments of each family member, with the greatest bearing or rendering more accounts to God. So, at the soul-food meeting is where a family will sit down to discuss their successes and failures, together and see how much more needed grace, they need to receive from their Maker (God) to achieve their living-walk. (Hence, that’s why the family, must consistently share prayers with God, and seeing God AS THEIR ALTAR IN THAT HOUSE,).

Therefore, it’s sad to say that wayward ‘’children’’ mean, disorganized families in which the leaders of the house, abandoned their God given Work to serve, and to make it rich and fruitful, as good and faithful stewards of their Lords!

Having a family, is a full time WORK-That’s What The Lord Told Me. Yes, so, if you’re not ready for the work, or labour, or this service onto God, then you might not as well join The Bond-Wagon Of The Family Raising Systems Of God. Family, is more than a business; and it’s beauty is more than a single individual!

This is why God is not ready to give some people marriage so early, SINCE THEY DON’T UNDERSTAND IT, BUT THINK IT’S ALL ABOUT THEM! However, this order that builds the family business, is extremely important, but if GOD IS NOT RESPECTED AS THE FIRST ORDER, THEN THE FAMILY SYSTEM HAVE NO ORDER!

A son honoureth his father, and a servant his master: if then I be a father, where is mine honour? and if I be a master, where is my fear? saith the LORD of hosts unto you,

Mal. 1:6 KJV.

Prince Akogo.

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