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An Idea: Play Always With Your Children


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Family Development Ideas

Ah, it’s lovely to play and don’t be tensed up. Always play with your children together with your wives or husbands and don’t be tensed up, or too BIG to do that. Love relationships develop out of joy-creation. It’s not automatic to just have joy in the house, you’ll have to Create joy.

In developing a family, this is what we call Joy-Creation. Don’t let it just arise, out of the moon. There must be somethings you do that bring should bring up that joy, at any time or any moment you want.

We’re not saying you should go around playing everyday with your kids, but you must be purpose to create joy in the house you’re living in.

In this, children can give joy.

However, just as we expect joy from the Lord, being our Maker and Husband, so our children need joys from their lords, being their fathers, or mothers. Joy is everything you must give to your children, which comes by having some time in your busy schedule ,to play with them.

They’ll need you.

This will knit all your children to you which I know, is what you want!

They’ll give you a listening ear to whatever you say, around those moments.

Therefore, if a joy, which exit among married couples, is extended everyday, over to the children, it’ll bind the house in love; yes, it’ll knit the Family together, and will keep your army stronger.

Joy creation, comes up by the games you play, the words you make, that is, the jokes little simple jokes you create, and the things you get or buy for all your family, which makes your children happy and wife pleased, as well.

However, today, most parents are fond of beating up their children to an extent which is beyond measure.

Disciplining of children, should be there in the family, as all parents have gone through disciplines before, either from men or from God, but never confuse it with maltreatment.

Disciplining wouldn’t wound, it often corrects.

If children are undergoing discipline, they will bring less problems, than if they’re not disciplined at all. However, after every effective discipline they get, they must never be denied their right of Joy, which you’re to give to them as a parent, especially in moments you want to complement them for doing the right things, at those times.

Talk to them. Make them full of laughter. Yes, let go off that business schedule, to make that joy. Let go, to create jokes.  Tell your honey, to join you. See them these little boys or little girls, as eggs to tender, they should be heard with pleasant ears, and they should be curdled.

Children can see the importance of ‘’love,’’ and growing up to have a good family as yours, especially when they see that in a caring and gentle family, of a father, and a mother.

What you do in the family, makes your children learn from you, as a role model.

The same road to love is the way to a life. Yet, fullness of joy is one of ‘love’s’ ingredients, which paves or opens the Way of the Fullness of Life.

It does my brother.

Though many people have lost their joy in their families today, we must go out to save them, and their families.

Prince Akogo.

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