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Ten New & Existing Games Which Can Be Played By Families To Revive Themselves

Okay family and friends; this is the second post on games and activities we can play as a family to revive ourselves. (To read the first post, please click here).

These games or fun-making activities are to remind us that, despite everything we are doing, we need to spend time with the family and to bring some fun into the family, or else, our families will become dead as silent graveyard.

That situation will tear the family apart and bring underdevelopment in our families.

 So, in view of this, the following are games and funny activities we can do periodically to make our cherished families alive:

  • Photo-Frame And Soldier Matching; Both Spouses, will go out and do a photo frame in town, with a desired picture of their partner. None of them is supposed to see these photo frames, until a desired time when all of them have finished. On the day of presentation, both of you will match to the end of the wall, just as soldiers present awards and plug your ‘‘creative works’’ on the wall. You’ll admire your creative works. It can continue with hugs, as you look over to behold the picture your partner has made, just for you.
  • The Fun & Games Party: Home is also a game centre. Have games at home. Once a while, throw a family party with music. Play games. So, once a while, throw this party for the entire family and not only on New Year or on Christmas. The Family wasn’t just made for Christmas or a Holiday. Yes, do things to revive the love in your family, often.
  • The Movie Destruction Game: You can watch movies at opposite ends, of the room. One person faces the T.V on this side of the room with his back facing his partner, who’s also watching her favourite program with her back facing her husband’s back. From here, you’ll both be chewing popcorn. Let’s see who gets destructed. 
  • The Cartoon Characters of People In The Home: Well, both of you can draw cartoon characters of your faces and then compare to see which one is nicer. Is it the wife’s own or the husband’s own? It shall be an easy game of fantastic ‘face-drawings!’
  • Funny Dance Competition (Well Known): The last points are well known games we play. Yeah, you can still try the funny home dance competition game with the people in your house, to bring fun in the home. Let the children be around to be part of this whole JOY. A family shouldn’t be in boredom. So dance to be more funny that you can play the game of funny home dance competition well. Everyone should join in the competition.
  • Telling Stories At Home Or At The Beach: Of course, as you may know this other one, let her sit by you in the sand and lean against your chest; brush your fingers through your wife’s hair and tell her hilarious jokes and interesting stories about life. The entire family can sit around the fire, while the children watch as their parents tell them jokes, the folktales they know, riddles, amidst with fun.

You can also create a family story in which all of you are the characters of that story. Lets see this ‘story’ you will make out of the various characters you’ll all assume that day or moment.

  • A Special Meet-Up With Nature Around: The family should drive through an orchard or through a park, or a garden, to enjoy the natural view. The practice can help the family with psychological health development. You may either make it more funny or adventurous, or could make it very educative and calm while you all explore all of nature around. We must understand that the family is also an academic centre. Our children shouldn’t do this only when they are in school. So then, in this fun expedition, the whole family can learn together.
  • Our Family Street Walks:  The family should print funny comments on t-shirts, wear them and then together, they go on a walk on the streets. Here is a family enjoying their periodic ‘family or home’ festivals.’ As a family, we should have ‘home holidays and festivals.’
  • Horse Riding Game! The family can go on horse riding around the green fields, while chasing each other around, in a playful mood.
  • Going Out On National Holidays: Go to the Circus, the Parks and Gardens, have a picnic, eat and play, meet the whole world, and have fun with the entire family occasionally. Other places which you can go as a family include the Field Games, Movie and Dance Theatres, Museums, Shopping Malls. The Earth Is Surely Big Enough. Why not go out and have fun, to spice your life?


Always remember to take snapshots of your games, outings, or adventures. In the future, you may watch them with the entire family to overcome boredom in the future and to refresh all your memories. Doing this can revive the family later on.

We hope these fun-activities among family members will bind the family together and bring development.

Spend some time to have fun.

Fun-loving releases work-stress. Revive your families today; do not make it lose joy and to become dead as a grave.


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