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Always Be Practicing Homecoming Ceremonies or Family Re-Unions, To Deal With The Problem Of Loneliness


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The Bible said something, that God as the Senior Father used to gather His children to have a meeting with them. There, He would discuss issues with the whole family available to Him. Ah, this is important!

Indeed, that was a Homecoming Ceremony or Soul food Ceremony He was having with His children. He wanted to understand what they were going through in life. He was the Life, and He wanted them TO BE ABSOLUTELY AOKAY IN LIFE. So God, and them,, had a Family-Re-union!

So then, they brought their issues up to see what He would do to help each of them; ACCORDING TO HOW THEIR WALKS WERE.

That was what God, who’s also the HUSBAND (our Husband) did for each one of them; and that’s one lovely thing we all us a family, should do to each one of our families every now and then. AFTERALL, IF GOD DIDN’T SEE THIS IMPORTANT, HE WOULDN’T HAVE BEEN DOING IT.

In fact, we saw that Job did the same, and having such a get-together with his family. He learnt from God, and following the steps of His Master and Saviour God. He had a Soul-food meeting with them. Where are all the house-meet-ups gone to? Where are all the soul-food ceremonies which we used to have, gone to? Which of the families, like their Father, are doing that of late?

Soul food is very nice and important, and brings back refreshing memories. Families which do not do it are seriously lacking a lot, which is why there may not be a bond between them.

Yes, it should be the (BEST) TIME you and your family share together. Yes, you must gather all your children once a while, to pray and to share both soul and physical foods together, and to share your present and your past moments with distant family relatives, who were once fellowshipping together!

Prince Akogo.

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