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The Simple Model Christian Marriage: The Lord Reveals


The Lord said to me that this is the model of a simple Christian Marriage, and this is how He’d wanted us to  do it: Then He gave 5 steps in which we must realize it, or to go through, and do it!


Step 1-Your Initial Decisions!

Now, according to Him when a Christian man (young man) who’s of age wants to marry, this is very important for him to do. If he should see a Christian girl in which he feels like he needs to get married to, he should go to his pastor to inform him about his decision to marry, and to talk to him about this lady whom he’s seen to marry.

His purpose for going to the pastor is for the pastor, who’s capable of knowing the Will of The Lord, to reveal to him whether that lady or this lady is good for him to Marry, or is the right woman for him to marry; or is the right woman for him per the assignments of God.

In this case, he wouldn’t be misled by feelings which might not be right from God. ‘Yeah, you know how a lady’s appearance can be deceptive,’ and that can catch up with men, as it has always been to many people.


Step 2: Follow The Right Structure Of The Christian Type Of Marriage!

Secondly, The Lord revealed that, It’s the duty of the Pastor to know the will of God, concerning every marriage.

Now, the Lord had said something about His will which had baffled me. The Lord said to me, that today a lot of pastors have abandoned their calling of finding out the Will of God for their members, regarding the person their sheep are supposed to marry!

He said that, it was actually the duty of the pastor to do this from off old.

(It wasn’t right (or the right order) for a damsel, or young boy, to come before Him (before God) to show before God, the one whom she feels or he feels, he or she needs to marry. Therefore, we don’t go about ‘dating’ and choosing for ourselves, bringing them before God to show to Him (God), whom we want to marry.

Rather, God knew better, and so it was God who showed to the man, or to the woman, whom they were supposed to marry!

This is why the Will of God, must be known by the Pastor! Hence, it was God’s duty, to show or confirm to the pastor, whether that ‘boy’ or ‘girl’ ‘discovered’ by the boy, was his right partner, amongst many of the ladies in the world!

Hence, this was why the will of God was important! Well, since the Lord too is not going to come down to verbally tell you then it was the pastor, who as placed as the representation of God to fully know this by inquiring it from the Lord

Therefore, this mediator (Good Pastor) stood in-between the people and God, to know for them His Best Will, regarding what they ask about just as they’ll ask the pastor for any other thing, regarding the will of God so they don’t miss out on their way! It was the same responsibility the pastor had, in marriage!

(However, note that, sometimes you could also pray and God could show you your spouse or partner, but you may need a word of confirmation from the pastor, or prophet!)

The Mystery of The Urim And Thummin:

When I was trying to understand more, the Lord had explained it to me, ‘‘This Is The Mystery Of The Urim And The Thummin’ which I gave to Aaron, the High Priest! There, the Lord explained to me that, this was why He’d made Aaron to wear the Urim, the Thummin and the Ephod, which was a purpose for him to know the Will Of The Lord, concerning a matter, such as an important one, as this one.

Then, whatever God would have said, whether ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ would have been final since it’s God’s purposes that matters, in a creation’s life!  Hence, it’s the legal duty of the Pastor (Aaron The High Priest), which as an example to all pastors, to know the Will of The Lord, concerning a matter of the people.

This is why the Prophets and the Pastors were to play this important role. Actually, fathers were also to play this role of inquisition, but with the current condition of parents not really living right before God, and some not even born again, then, in His Church, it’s the Pastors who had the sole responsibility to do that.

So this was how a Christian man was to inquire about the will of God, concerning the matter of marriage, and to honour God who is the first chord in the Marriage!

(Today what have we seen? A lot of Pastors today, don’t know their role in the marriage, and don’t or have forgotten, to play this important role as well.

Well, why won’t some honour gays?

So, rather, we allow them to marry and bless who they want, or should discover by themselves!

Unfortunately, some even encourage them, that they should go (walk) out there and to have their beloveds.’ By so doing, they do not only abandon their call in this assignment, but dishonor God, and rather, to cause the people to go off course, in their wandering walk of ignorance, which can be eternally costly!

The sheep today only chose by body sizes and other foolish, and immature yardsticks! O, greatness! More so, the sheep have become now, more interested in showing forth their half-naked bodies as unholy temples to serve in the church, that they might feast the longing eyes of perhaps the men, who’re not yet married, and finally land them on the shoulders of the pastor as desired pastors, who has finally abandoned God’s Will.  

Yet, though with many exceptions, foolishness has filled up today, the in-walls of the Church to quench out fires, and finally has brought down the holy batons.

This is also why, this has opened much sexual immorality among the youth members, even among the sherpherds, and among the people of His Church, who go and chose whatever they want, before coming to the Church, with sometimes their  pastors approval, on some in-borne church so-called dating relationships, which disregards the Lord’s Will!

Do you think the Lord will bless (honour) such a thing as these when finally, His Urim and His Thummin has been abandoned? They’ve watched on, as these relationships have circled the Church, for the devil’s final destruction, through the immoral practices going on in the Holy Church Of God!.

The youth have finally exposed both to the world, and to the church to see, before they finally take the stake to marry into God’s House! Is this the Lord’s army which the whole creation calls out for, against these armies before them?

 ‘So where was their Urim, Thummin and Ephod Responsibility’ when it was going on, regarding this foolishness?

(Indeed, some of these Pastors, are the very people who bless the sheep’s choice of ignorance, expecting God to honour after are all have been said and done through shear immaturity, and misguidance, and they have taken the first role before finally landing up women before the presence of the Holy God).  

Thus, already, there are members who get pregnant before they get to the alter. Such kind of sinfulness, today, exist not only among the deacons, but the choir, and among the total youth, with those try to keep their garments not being stained, under pressure! Today, the Church has become more or less like a disco. Is this the army, to fight the battle of shame, ignorance and all of poverty?

The Example of Moses:

More about the Will of God:

If you’d realize, there was a time when Moses was adviced that he should make the people (the people of Israel) come to his feet, to fully know the will of the Lord, concerning the matter which were of concern to them. Moses wasn’t sure, so he had to find out God’s Will for them, lest they walk on into ignorance and into self-destruction!

In this, the Urim and Thummin, figuratively speaking, was working. He was the priest and the governor of that Lord. Yet, it was in his day, when God killed over 24,000 members of his Church, which passed through the wilderness for sexual immorality, or for fornication. The will of the Lord was not respected; and the will of the Lord was not obeyed, in terms of marriage and relationship!


The Example of Abraham:

We see of Abraham, during the time that he saw for Isaac to marriage, he sent forth his servant back to his family line to see, whether he’ll get a woman for his son to marry. However, what he couldn’t know too, was the true helper for his son. So first, he asked his servant to swear by holding his lap, that he’ll not look a wife for his son by a human intuition!

Obviously, He asked God to show the blind servant the right woman he should chose for his son.

Of course, knowing the man could make up some grave mistakes, asked God to lead him, thus seeking God’s First Will And Approval!

Upon the servants arrival in the town of Abraham, he begged God to show him His will, so that His decision, that is God’s decision, will show forth before him. Thus, even father Abraham and his servants, were relying on the Urim and Thummin of God, so to speak!

This, God revealed to him who she was. 

Yet before then, an interesting thing occurred when his servant laid a fleece before God, saying, that ‘amongst the many women that he could see before him, ‘ if any of those equally beautiful girls, will decide to fetch out water to serve him drink and that of his sheep, he’ll by so, know the Will of the Lord, regarding Isaac’s Future Partner!

Ah, it was amazing how God revealed her, when He made beautiful Rebekah fulfill the fleece-test. So, God answered his prayers. Yet, this man was not a pastor (priest), neither was he greater than the one he was looking for a child for, how much more a Senior Pastor? In this, you should know, that honours His Word, when His Will and Purposes Are Sought Out For.

In both these cases, you see dependence on God-By Knowing His Will! Surely, the choice of God, wasn’t about the lady with the biggest breasts and big buttocks had come along with Rebekah, but was the one which was to further assist in furthering the Abrahamic Covenant (The Fore-going Assignment), with Isaac, his son!

Hence, this was why Abraham was on his servants not to make a mistake by judging up by appearance!

So we see Abraham, as a father and a priest, following the ‘will-searching’ example for His family, being the sheep who were to follow him.

God as well wanted things to be so, and God had fulfilled it. From then, the marriage, was proceeded, when his servant followed her to her house to ‘knock’ upon Abraham, Isaac, and of course upon God’s behalf, presenting rich and expensive gifts.

Though the proposal was revealed by God (even the Lord), Rebekah, even in respect of her rights, was still allowed to be sure of this decision. Yes, of course, she also had to know the Will of The Lord. Her parents asked her too.

She consented too-God’s choice couldn’t be wrong!

Abraham’s family and servants were trained, and God was too was pleased with how his servant ‘engaged’ the child and her family both with all due respect and with also the presents, after God’s Will was clear!

So we see the Lord’s Will in all of this-in the Marriage!


Step 3: Moving On To The Next Stage, Of This Marriage:

Now, once the Will of the Lord had been found, and man or the young man has had an answer, that the girl should be his wife, then he will have to go and talk to the girl regarding what the prophet, or his pastor had said. Also, she could also be given the permission to seek the pastor about it, and to also pray for confirmation about it. By far, and by the ordinance, this is the only dating God approves. 

The Lord will not give a double answer, if the answer was truly from Him; for the Lord, is not an author of confusion. So surely, the Lord could also reveal it to her, say, in her dream!

Once there’s every confirmation, and every matter has been approved, they should both inform their parents about it-about the Lord’s Will.

Now, at this point, the man and his family (parents), will have to go and see also, the parents of the girl too on an approved date, and to discuss ‘the Lord’s will’ concerning this great marriage which they’re about to see, between God’s favourite children! (You’re to remember, that children belong to God!)

Of course, they could be aided by their Pastor, for the Pastor to the extent, is the symbol of God’s voice in that marriage. Surely, he could explain things further to the parents of the daughter. This must all be done orderly, with wisdom, so that the Will of The Lord Will Be Done, Evn To The Final End!

(Moreover, The Lord too shall be there to confirm); Obviously, it shall be as though when God was with Samuel, confirming to the family, of David’s approval for anointing!
This too, is what we call The Christian Knocking, in which the Lord shall be present too!

However, by no means should hard liquors be served as the traditionalists or unbelievers do.

Of course, we often understand, from the point of view amongst these unbelieving people that the hard liquor, is also to present a strong matter of seriousness, for marriage was seen by them as a serious thing!

Yet, is not the presence of the Lord strong enough? Meaning that, we’ve added traditions to many things!

Moreover, was Schnapp stronger than the Lord’s foremost, Will?

However, this is the sure engagement too, where too much money must not be spent and must also not be attended by too many people. It’s not a Durbar! Just a handful, that is to say, about 5 or 6 people, should follow the child to woman’s parents, which purposely, should include the parents of this man, who’s seeking to marry.  

Yes, it’s the Lord’s knocking for his son. It should be as how a king sends delegation with great respect to another kings house.  The house of the damsel must obviously be honoured with respect!

In respect of that respect, that is why the family of the young man must bring presents, in respect of the family! So, if the family accepts the proposal of marriage, and by the Knowledge Of God’s Will, then the family could take the belongings!

By no standard should it be too little, or too few, but it should show respect! We understand that, in some traditions amongst men, the man is required to bring 5 cows on the day of visitation. 5 cows, are very expensive! This means, once determined man, is not able to buy 5 cows, and other belongings he wouldn’t be able to afford to marry out this lady, even if God’s Will, should be given in the Marriage!

Sadly, if the ‘Will of God’ has been fully given, with God’s ultimate support, how can an animal like cow put it asunder and stand in the way of the Lord’s Mighty Voice?  Therefore, will our selfish interests put God’s Will asunder? Will God’s assignments between the spouses, be instantly thwarted, in favour of yours? Will A Cow Marry Your Daughter?

(Unfortunately, most of these reasons are the selfish reasons, which sidelined the youth from marrying into their dream assignments, when the Will of the Lord had also been known. So what then? They go about sleeping with the ladies, believing that by actually getting them pregnant, will give them the right to into marriage!)

However, though the man’s family must bring presents, as an offer of ‘thank you to allow us into your home,’ it shouldn’t be simple, or of no value, and shouldn’t lose respect. (Remember that, they’re young and are now going to start their lives. Therefore, it musn’t be too simple, or too in-expensive before Lord. Learn from Abraham’s servant, who also showed respect to Rebekah’s family, by giving to Rebekah, and her family expensive jewelleries.

Hence, basically, the ‘Goal’ is to give something that will be well-pleasing or appreciated as a satisfying offer in the eyes of the family of this girl and neither should it be outrageous, to hinder the purpose of the Lord.  Remember, your children if they start life well, will come back to help you in future; and so don’t hinder them from anything that will make them develop! (They’re your Children).


Step 4; A Day Fixed!

When all is said and done, under that good and respectful meeting in which surely the Lord shall be present, a day should be fixed for the ‘public’ marriage, which we’ve all called, the Wedding.

The weddings are becoming outrageous nowadays.

The Lord said to me that, the House, is supposed to do a ‘Family Wedding’ in their home, or room or courtyard, and the Pastor, who’d witnessed the Will of The Lord, should be present to Bless the Marriage. ‘This means, it’s unnecessary to ask guests whether any of them, has a reason for which the marriage should never be conducted, when God, or the Pastor has approved that!’’

Had not the officiating pastor seen the purposes of the Lord already, for which he’d gone ahead with them to proceed the marriage? Yeah, and this again, we ask men’s opinion, and not God’s opinion. If he has, and surely thinks he can confirm the will of the Lord concerning the marriage, why does he have to ask them (these people ), who don’t have no knowledge about the Will of The Lord?

Now, what if someone gets up and says no, will he accept it? Would he allow such a stranger to break the marriage after ‘many prayers’ in the inception, had proved God’s Fore-most Will?

Hence, such questions doesn’t need again to be asked, as though we’re unsure if we claim we know the Lord’s will from the beginning, when also, God had revealed it too, to the lady, and was with us when we went to the house of the lady. Moses, will never ask the people, after He’d found out the Will of The Lord.

Now, even when a man may stand up and say no to the marriage, we cannot wake up and go with a man’s voice, but must still find it from God’s Will. Yet, woe betides the man who destroys the marriage which God, had purposed to bring together on that Day! We’ve only done this because we’ve ignored God’s Voice From The Beginning, and so while being unsure, we’ve been seeking The Opinion Of Men, As AGAISNT GOD’S OWN, A PEOPLE WHO KNOW NOTHING ABOUT MARRIAGE, OR GOD’S WILL!

When men by God’s Law, have not been given the legal right to break marriages, why now ask men, to cause them to sin, against the divine judgment?


In regard to the wedding, it shouldn’t be an expensive thing, at least, according to what the Lord had told me. In this He said, it should be attended by, just members of family. The wedding ceremony should be simple, and should not be like a durbar.

 Just a few family relatives and representatives, and not like a durbar, to escalate any cost for which reason many troubles today have abounded. Preferably and according to Him, 30, at most 50 people should be gathered, so that they do not bear any, unnecessary costs! Interestingly, The Beauty Of A Marriage, Is Not About The ‘‘GiantNess’’ Of It!

Marriage, is not the wedding. Marriage was done, when the family was sought out for. The true purpose of the Marriage, is not wedding, it’s the assignment of God, before these spouses. As it should be reasonable amongst us, more money should be spent on the assignment, which is the better-most thing, than the wedding; So the wedding, is to usher them, into it, for the last days, the Lord will not ask you about the wedding, the Lord will ask you about the assignments!.

Their Marriage is also not the Wedding Cake of Gown, but in God’s eyes, it’s ‘a secret’ agenda, which is between both of them! Therefore, the marriage is God’s ‘secret agenda,’ which God is going to put before both of them into, which they all, might have known by now.

This agenda, is called ‘The Assignment Of The Lord.’ Know, that God will not put a ‘meeting’ together, in which there’s not a purpose, for that meeting. However, more of these assignments will be unfold by the Lord, from time to time when they’re in the marriage. (You can find more about this in the book called ‘The Mystery of Marriage’ which also the Lord had explained the sure reason for marriage).

Finally, the wedding must not necessarily be conducted in the auditorium, but perhaps in the girl’s house.


Step 5

The Kissing In Marriage

Finally, regarding kissing, it would not have been a bad thing for ‘‘couples’’ to kiss on their wedding day in a public place. However, when censorship has not been placed on these things, and our children were made to behold these sensitive things in the midst of adults, it has become a worry since most of these children or unmarried youth, have began practicing them in hide-outs and in secret places, as though they’re married, thereby leading to some of the things we’re seeing now, in the modern corruption of the Church! These children or unmarried young adults, will often be seen rushing or drawing closer to these couples as paparrazis, before a priest, will use the ‘You May Kiss The Bride’’ phrase to take so many angular photographs and videographs, so they can also keep or have such explicit contents on their iphones, and ipads for viewing them in the future, WHEREAS THE MARRIED ADULTS, DON’T DO SUCH A THING!.

Biblically, kissing under weddings was not instituted by God; well, probably, because of some of these cases!Yet, the only type of kissing which was adorned publicly was the holy type of kissing, or what was known as the ‘‘the holy kiss’’ which of course, was on the cheeks, accompanied with hugs, to show brotherly fervent love. Ye, not even married couples were seen kissing on the lips-in the public places; it was strictly unaccepted, and will only exist amongst the couples in their ‘’holy places,’’ that is, in their bedrooms, where no-one could indeed, get a glimpse to watch. Certainly, it was also regarded as having the act of sex itself, due to the sexual emotional arousal it can equally cause by those who watch, and by those who practiced it. Hence, it was fully publicly forbidden, but it looks like we have taken it for granted and have started practicing it.

Hence, apart of the ‘’holy kiss’’ which is done with no sexual emotional ties, ‘kissing’ by couples in public, was not from God, even if it was started by a Christian Church, with their human logical reasons! Okay, so where in the Bible did God state it?

If you have understanding, then the best you and your couple could do, in the glare view of God, your parents, your bishops,  children, young men and young men, and as well as the total strangers, should be a ‘brotherly kiss,’ or ‘a holy kiss’ together with a warm hug to adorn the marriage, to keep things straight! We should not do or ‘expose’ ourselves to those things, that will cause the devil, to tempt us, and others. In your hiding places, which is a closed place where we make love and make children it’ll be sooo honoured by God.

In actual fact, the true importance of marriage, is not a childish‘wedding’ kiss; It’s About An Assignment! So, Lets Do Things Right!

You can find out about it in the Mystery of Marriage, which God gave me to write

So May His Peace Be Unto You!


Prince Akogo.

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