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A Fashion & Beauty Idea: The Best Way To Take Care Of Your Body Naturally

Our body-cells eats, or drinks!

Well, this is because of the minute pores, which we have in our bodies. This is known by biologists.

Therefore, the Lord adviced that we must of necessity, put ‘Good Edible’ oils rather upon our bodies. The instruction is, Edible Oils, or oils we can eat!

An edible oil like olive oil, which can be mixed a little with honey, will rather be ‘eaten well’ by the body.  Also, using honey with water, is also good for the body. Yes, both olive and honey, as well as shea butter will add medicinal properties to your skin, when swallowed by your skin pores.

Yes, they’ll not cause skin bleaching, and will prevent skin toning by applying a natural smooth layer to the skin. Therefore, by preventing skin dryness, and skin toning they’ll not create harm to your natural colour since they’re natural by themselves, but to rather ‘promote’ its real texture and beauty, to stand out. Due to natural conditions as your body, they don’t affect your skin negatively, but rather enhance and promote its natural properties to stand.

These are what today’s inorganic chemicals don’t do. Yes, because they’re not edible, they spoil, dry, bleach and tone the natural skin, rendering the natural skin unhealthy. Hence, the Lord adviced that whatever you’ll not eat, don’t put them on your skin. Today’s inorganic chemicals and creams are dangerous for the body. As a result of the fact that, your cells will ‘eat’ up these chemicals, when you apply them into your body, don’t apply these inedible oils creams over your body.

So then, when the body is not able to eat them, that’s when it turns out to tone, dry, bleach, cause hair discolouration, and finally destroy the ‘natural’ health of the body cells making you look like beef in a pan. Olive oil won’t.

Therefore, I advice that, ‘‘whatever oil you cannot give to the internal cells of the body, don’t give it to the external cells of the body, because they work in the same way.’’

For beauty, go for natural healthy oils.

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