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Take Very Good Care Of Your Hair With This Great Idea This Minute!


We should realize that the cells of our bodies, eats up ‘food’ too not just internal cells of body. Thus, the cells of scalp of your head, due to minute pores on the skin, eats into it, whatever moves upon its surface such as water, or these creams of oils we put in our hairs. Therefore, it matters what quality of oil, or cream we put in our hair, because these may enter into the cells of the body and cause health threats to our scalp, as well as affect both the hair follicles and hair upon our heads. Thus, it matters what cream or oils you put always put into your hair.

For this reason, any oil you cannot eat or any oil which is inedible, according to the Lord will affect healthy condition of the cells on your head, and as well, affect the health nature of your hair.

According to the Lord, it’s better to apply an edible oil like olive oil, shea butter, olive with honey, or water with a little bit of water upon your hair. Therefore, these, being natural and edible and ‘recognized’ as edible ‘foods’ of the body, will be only the natural and healthy food for the cells of your body, when they ‘take them in’ to develop. Yes, this too can also be said for the hair, which needs organic properties to grow naturally and healthy, just the same way internal cells grow to become wealthy. However, inorganic oils, creams or chemicals which have been introduced to the markets will affect the healthy state of your head-cells. Their unnatural or inorganic constituents, could make them sick, kill them, causing dryness of hair, cause hair to break, hair discolourations, and as well introducing dirt and dandruff into your hair. All these as well, immediately affect the state of your health.

So it’s better to do the right thing, by putting olive oil, and other healthy organic oils which are edible by internal cells, so, will readily be approved by external cells as well, to preserve cell growth, cell health, the perfect hair growth, as well as hair preservation. This will be because these important organic oils, will add important nutrients to cells and your hair, just like how organic fertilizers, in regard to plants, add better nutrients to the plant cells, the soil’s health, for the proper health and development they need.

These organic oils, are the best!

Prince Akogo

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