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Take Very Good Care Of Your Hair With This Great Idea This Minute


We should realize that the cells of our bodies eat up ‘food.’ Hence, it is not just the internal cells of body that like to eat.

The cells of your scalp or of your head, due to minute pores on the skin, end up sucking into them whatever moves upon their surfaces, such as water, or these creams or oils we put into our hairs.

Therefore, what you put into your hair really matters; it must be healthy and quality or else it will pose a health-threat to the skin of your beautiful scalp, as well as the hair follicles upon your heads.

It matters the sort of oils or creams you put into your hair.

This immediately suggest that, any oil you cannot eat through the mouth or is inedible, according to the Lord, could affect healthy nature of the cells on your head or body, and will as well affect the health nature of your hair.

He explained that, it will be healthier and better to apply an edible oil, such as olive oil, shea butter, or olive oil mixed with honey, or finally, water, with a little bit of natural honey in your hair.

Now, because they are natural, edible and ‘recognized’ as edible ‘foods’ by the same cells of the body, they wouldn’t pose any problem for the body. If their internal organs could take them in, how much more their external ones?  

Hence, even the hair needs organic properties or products to grow, products which the body naturally recognizes as food, than some inorganic chemicals often placed on the markets.

In short, inorganic oils, creams or even body lotions, which have been introduced into our shops, have the potency of damaging the good health of the cells, because they cannot be seen as food, hence the cells find it hard breaking them down or working with them to produce better results.

Their unnatural constituents could make cells sick, can even kill them, cause dryness of hair, cause hair-breaks, hair dis-colourations, as well as introducing dirt and dandruff into the hair.

It will be better to use healthy organic oils or creams to heal your hair and body. It’s safer.

So apply to the hair and to the body, exactly what the internal organs are asking for.

These important organic oils will add important nutrients to these cells and to your hair. It is just like how organic fertilizers, in regard to plants growth, add better nutrients to the soil for plant growth.

Honestly, the organic products are by far the best.


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