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The Uses Of Lime Or Lemon (Part 1)


One day, while I was on my way to take my bath, the Holy Spirit immediately whispered to me to pour lemon or lime into my bathing water, and then He told me stir it up thoroughly.

I did exactly what He said, but didn’t know what I was expecting. (Yet, I knew I could trust His Words).

I got some lime and squeezed it into the water, and then went ahead to take my bath.

O my God!

What an amazing natural antiseptic ever seen.

O yeah; I felt so clean, on every part of my body!

Seeing how this ‘hack’ has helped me I decided to do this practice everyday, a practice which is very helpful to my health, and have also decided to share this ‘life’ wisdom with you, so you see the benefits as well, of bathing with lime,or lemon in your water!

To be frank, amongst men’s antiseptic, which can be made with unhealthy chemicals, this one stands as the best, removing all germs, you need to remove everyday from your skin. Besides, its natural, less risk, and totally safe. (Yet, they’re also Common and Cheap).

I could just imagine many things around, which God has provided around which also do have the full solutions to each of our wondering problems, but humans live in ignorance about, thus do not know how to use their full potential.

I was amazed, of how squeezing lime or just a simple lemon juice, could make me feel so clean, fresh and good.

Remember, many unnatural antiseptics are dangerous due to their constituents, and when their unhealthy chemicals enter you skin, and gets into your mouth, they’ll cause problems for you.

Keep this good tip, with you, practice it, And Make Your Life Happy Everyday! You’ll enjoy, as I did!

Prince Akogo.

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