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The Uses Of Lime Or Lemon (Part 2)


Recently, the Lord also whispered and told me that, if a man, woman or a boy wants to make his hair clean, instead of using these chemicalized hair cleaning agents, or unnatural shampoos, which can often have a detriment to their health, due to their chemical constituents, there’s a tip they can use at home, to keep it clean naturally. (Moreover, you could also do this, after washing your hair, with good soap).

This practice He said, is to pour or squeeze lemon and lime in a bowl of water; and then rinse or wash his hair thoroughly with the water. He said that, due to the fact that lime or lemon have a cleansing effect, as a result of their natural acids, they’ll clean the hair, clean of the germs and the dust,

Moreover, since lime and lemon are edible, they’ll not have any unwanted effects on skin pores.

Prince Akogo.

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