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The Uses Of Lime Or Lemon (Part 3)


The Lord said to me that, anytime you legs are dirty, yet you’re not ready to bath, instead of only using only water to wash your legs, put lime, or squeeze lemon or lime juice in the water, stir the water thoroughly, making sure the lime is a bit concentrated, before using this water to wash your legs.

He said that, it’ll make your legs clean; it’ll clean or the dirt from you leg, and make your leg’s skin pores to be clean.

He said that, this is a good practice, which will make your body clean, and feel good.

As, He explained that, you can as well put a little honey, into the same water, or into another bowl of water to rinse your legs again. After the lemon has cleaned your leg, the honey (shouldn’t be too much) will moisturize your leg. This is a practice that will work for you, and keep your legs healthy, when you realize your legs are not looking clean.

Prince Akogo.

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