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The Uses Of Lime Or Lemon (Part 3)

The Lord had advised that, anytime I should notice my legs are dirty, however, I am not ready to bath, instead of applying water alone to wash my legs, it will be better for me to add lime or lemon juice to this rinsing water, before using it. I should just make sure the water is a bit concentrated with lime or lemon juice.

This will make your legs so clean, according to the Lord.  The acidic water will wipe all the dirt from your legs and make them fresh.  

Later, he added that you can as well add a little honey to this concentrated water or into another bowl of water, to rinse your legs for the second time.


After this acid water had cleaned your leg, the honey (although shouldn’t be too much), will moisturize your legs in this second process.

This is a practice which will work for you; it will always make your legs fresh, clean and healthy, indeed.


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