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The Uses Of Lime Or Lemon (Part 4)


Are your hands dirty? It’s not always good to use hand sanitizers, which can sometimes be bad, as a result of their unnatural contents. Try the natural way out; and it’s to pour lemon or lime into a bowl-full of water, and wash your hands up to your wrist in it.(Most people  only wash their fingers, when washing hands, but that is not a Good Practice).

Wash your hands like how the Jews wash their hands.

That’s the correct way, to keep your hands and fingers off germs and every unwanted particles, before holding something, or before touching food.

This best way, is to wash your hands up to about 3-4 inches above the wrist, which we have shown in the picture.

Hands: Few Inches Above The Wrist!

In this way, this will keep germs far away from your fingers or hands.

Meanwhile, before you do that, make sure you pour lime or lemon into water, with a little honey if you have some to rinse your hands thoroughly. This should come after you’ve washed your hands with a soap, or a detergent. The acidic water, will keep your hands thoroughly clean! This is why you need to get, a lemon or a lime tree, in your house, as one of ‘Trees’ that must be in your house., as a result of their important use.

Keep your hands clean from dirt regularly.

Prince Akogo.

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