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The Uses Of Lime Or Lemon (Part 5)


There are a lot of important uses for lime or lemon juices. The Lord adviced, that after we’ve washed or cleaned our utensils (bowls, pots, knives, pans etc) in the kitchen, with soap and detergents, we shouldn’t just wash (or rinse) them in a bowl full of pure clean water!

Lime or lemon can do an advanced cleaning work or effect, on these bowls or utensils.

So before you rinse the bowl, squeeze much lemon or lime juice in rinsing water.

Make sure you stir up your water thoroughly, for lime to become concentrated. water. These acidic contents, will clean up the utensils well or healthily, than if you should rinse them in a bowl of pure, or ordinary water. Their acidic effects will further remove every germ that’s on your utensils. So, this is also why you must have lime, or lemon tree, in your House, for usual use. You can also buy them, for use.

After, you can use your well cleaned napkin to dry clean.

Prince Akogo.

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