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Uses Of Lime Or Lemon (Part 6)


Moreover, Lime or Lemon too could be used early in the morning, when rinsing your face. It’s simple. Often, we wash our face and rinse our mouth, with just pure clean water, when during the time we’re brushing our teeth. Oh yes; but you can get things, better cleaned. This is what the Lord showed me. Okay, instead of using pure ordinary water to wash or clean up your mouth and face, every morning or evening when going to brush your teeth, use lime. Use a little lime in the water.

You can squeeze lemon or lime juice in your cup of pure water, before rinsing off paste, from your mouth, and before thoroughly rinsing or washing, your face.

  1. Lime or Lemon, will clear more germs from your mouth
  2. It’ll give your mouth a refreshing breathe too, to prevent mouth odour, after brushing your teeth, or chewing up a mouth sponge. (Even when you swallow that water, it’ll not harm you, because it’s a natural edible chemical)
  3. As well, when you thoroughly wash or rinse your face with a limed water, for more germs and dirt to be cleaned from your face, than for to use ordinary water. Anyway, close your eyes before doing this, so lemon acid does not go into your eyes. (Yes, wash it easy around your eyes, to prevent such unpleasant eye burns, and wipe quickly with towel)/
  4. You face, could have a good lemon ‘smell.’ Therefore, it’s for good ‘face’ preservation purposes.

Do it, and it’ll help You.

Know, That It’s A Life Tip#

Prince Akogo.

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