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Action To Take Before Investing Into Your Own Envisioned Businesses


Action To Take Before Investing Into Your Own Envisioned Businesses


Now, this is also another advice the Lord had adviced us to do:

Just as the financial securities, before starting up a business, I mean, a new business make sure you have something you’re doing to raise money before that!

Similarly, if you’re doing a business which is a long term project and you know that you’re not yet going to benefit soon try not to abandone the current job you’re doing, while continuing with your new project. Well, this is because it’s going to take a longer time before you yield back from all your investments!

Hence, you could also be doing a job, or first start with a business which pays immediately, (such as selling product which men need right on the go) to earn monies from it quickly, before the long-term business projects.

Hence, either you don’t abandon your job quickly, or you put yourself into a service or into a product-selling business, which should pay you immediately before the long term business project, which is not going to yield faster, or now! In this case, the Instant Cash Product-selling business, will sort the tenure of getting the long term business into place, and should as well cushion you!

Similarly, this already-started business could as well help you raise the monies (capital), or more monies to start up and to continue your long-term businesses, whic you’re not going to benefit now!

(So then, if you’re working with somebody and you’d love to start your long-term business projects, consider this: Don’t quit your job yet.

Yet, you could consider starting up with a business, where the capital can be raised that fast before starting with your long-term business projects!


Prince Akogo.


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