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How To Eat Well

How To Eat Well


How To Eat Well

How Do We Eat Well? We’re to know how to eat well for the obvious reasons. It pays to do the right thing because any of these things we’re doing wrongly, will bring issues to our health. Below, I’ve stated some obvious ways or steps to follow in eating well which will end up helping you live well-which is that good life you want to live!

Go below for the following ways!

Take Your Time To Eat
Eating well involves taking your time to eat! Understand that, it’s important to take your time to eat. (It’ not just about enjoying the food).

The last time, I heard of a story from one of my friends who’s friend got choked up in up throat by a bone. Well, though she was able to make it to the hospital, unfortunately, the choke affected her breathe so much that she lost her life!
It was a sad news we heard but that was when we understood that taking your time to eat is one of the best things you must do in life! So, Take Your Time To Eat And Don’t Eat Like A Hungry Man!

You Should Not Harm Your Teeth:  Do Not Use Your Teeth To Open The Cork.

In as much as we’re told to eat well, the kind of food we may use our teeth to bite must also not be harder than our teeth or our tooth or this will put pressure on our teeth or tooth, and can result to injury! Yes, we should avoid using our teeth in opening the cork of bottles!

We may want to open up that bottle to gobble down its content fast, may be due to our impatience, yet, we should rather wait for the right tool or for the cork-opener to open up those bottles!

Apart from that, eating well involves not biting hard into any hard food or substance which might eventually cause damages or injuries to our gum or teeth! It’s often a painful and also an uncomfortable experience when our teeth or tooth breaks up and our gum starts bleeding! This is why we need to be careful when we’re eating!

You need to use the right item always, to open the cork!

Wear The Right Cloth Before Eating: ( Don’t Soil Yourself Up By The Time You Finish Eating):

Well, it’s also important to wear the right kind of attire or right shirt when eating or enjoying the food! There are times when you may obviously take your time to eat and may as well take your time to chew up the bones well, but you may end up soiling up that dress you’re wearing.

This in its own way can make you feel quite uncomfortable and you may not end up enjoying the FOOD as a result of it. So go ahead to sit a few distance away from the food and by also covering the front of your dress by the use of a napkin! Well, this all shows why we need to take our time when eating or we’ll surely not enjoy our food-when we’re supposed to! In all, if we should do this, we’ll not end up soiling our dress, nor will stain our hands!

Avoid Talking Too Much While Eating:

What if you’re talking too much? This could also cause you some troubles.
In my earlier point, I narrated on how a girl, a close friend indeed to one of my friends died, because she got choked up on her food!

Well I do not know how she got herself choked up, but if unfortunately, she was talking before the thing happened, then it would have really happened!
Though its sad, this is why we’re to learn our lessons, when eating!

Oh, prayers:

Oh prayers; oh prayers!
I can’t over-emphasize how prayers are good to you!

One time, while I was eating I forgot to pray! Now,This Was Even My
Sign Of Impatience! I continued eating and even took about 3 spoonfuls! Later on, in a vision I saw that spirits, in the likeness of flies were entering into my food!

Little did I know, that that was what was happening while I was eating!

Later, the Lord had told me that He had caused me to forget so that I’ll know what happens to our foods spiritually when we’re impatient and don’t put ourselves into prayer before eating!

(There’s absolutely more to the food than what was on the fire and was brought to you!)

On that day, I learnt about what the devil does to our foods when we forget to pray!


Eat Healthy Foods By Cooking Or Washing Them Well

Besides all these, you must only eat healthy foods.

‘This Is The Most Important,’ The Lord said to me. ”This is what is going to determine the health or life in you,” He added!

Honestly, as a result of the irresponsible way many people live, they end up  jeopardizing their health by what they put inside of them. Hence, if you don’t put good thought to what you eat you’ll end up destroying that good health of yours! You must completely wash your foods before eating them to prevent germs from entering your mouth and stomach!

Wrong eating is able to cause harm to your life! Yes, your lifespan can be reduced by it! Today, we know that there are so many people who’ve died by what they’ve carelessly given to their bodies which they shouldn’t have! So you must make sure that the food you’re to eat is good. You must make sure they’re well cooked and thoroughly washed, before eating them! Never say that those vegetables are fresh from the markets so you’ll put them straight into your bowl or down into your mouth to eat them.
You may be reducing your life-span through such carelessness!

So then it shows that it pays to be patient to do all the right things before eating, or while eating!

Thank you!

 Prince Akogo.


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