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Measurement Of Each & Every Resource At Every Stage Of The Business


Measurement Of Each & Every Resource At Every Stage Of The Business

Have you ever gone for a loan to up start a business?

Well, even if you haven’t ever gone for a loan to start up a business, it’s very reasonable to save up your monies for investments and not go about losing your invested money, especially, for a long time!

Now, with that in mind whenever you’re in production you’ll have to manage or measure up everything you’re using in business or you’re using in your production of goods and services, in order not to throw your money or resources!

Sure, every reasonable person does  that!

So, everything little thing you use for production must be calculated; the goods, time, the raw materials, the produce, the products, and the number of workers you’re using for the business! Each and every one of these must be calculated!

Now, make sure each and every raw material given to each one of your employees must be measured or to be calculated per every work done, and should be well accounted for by them, at the end!

This will help you track whether you’re progressing or not!

Yes, it’ll surely help to track, whether you’re making profits or loses which is most important, at the first place!

It’ll seriously help you save up your capital, the resources (raw materials) which you’re putting or investing into every stage of the production!

This can as well help you ‘crack,’ whether you should continue in the business or not!
At the end, it will help you save your monies and time!
So, you don’t have to go about losing all that money, it would have even been dangerous if you’d taken that money from a loan. So start calculating every penny, from the inception!


Prince Akogo.

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