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Quickly Adopt These Best Tips & Practices When Shopping For Goods And Services For Business And For Personal Use!


Best Tips & Practices For Shopping Or When You’re Out To Buy Stuff For Use


As long as this life is concerned, you need to have a plan before you go out to buy something, or to go out for shopping! We don’t just go out on the streets and start ordering or start buying things!

Indeed, one sure way we can save money, which God as well revealed to me is to have a specific plan before we go out on the streets for shopping! You’re learning to be wise if you do this, and so important!

Now, before you go;

a)Plan, as to how much you’re going to spend!
b)Plan on what you’re going to buy! You must make sure you need the thing or need the thing at that specific time!

Then, other questions you need to ask yourself are:

i) Will this product change or improve your life? (For whatever you’re going to be in need of it for, will it be beneficial or useful to that THING?

(If this thing is going to change your life for the good, it’s worth investing into it. If it’s going to serious negate your life, or going to give you problems then do not invest money into shopping it, or in short, to give yourself to it! (You shouldn’t use your money, to buy it).

Now, it’s also important to consider whether it’s safe for you and the environment, before you commit yourself to it or else, The Law or Environmental Protection Agencies will be after you too, because of what you’re possessing!

iii) Once you’re sure of that you also need to plan as to where you’re going to get them! (To be able to save monies to yourself, sometimes you need to plan as to where you’re going to get even these things, before you set off, otherwise you may go and stress up yourself looking for where to find them, in the markets! Therefore, it’s so good to do some enquiry before you move. So then, this will help you save some time, and money.

v) Ask the stores around; ask each of them questions. Make sure, you are sure that your doubts have been crushed and are happily satisfied (or that’s what you want) before you finally pay for that product or for those services!

vi) So then, ask questions about the products and about the services!

vii) Before you buy or purchage, you can ask for samples to taste, to feel, examine, or touch, to know for sure that whatever you’re buying is quality or is what you indeed want!

viii) Ask them too about the years of warranty!

ix) Ask of any discounts or promotions going on: or bargain. (Asking, helps you to know the product or the services better, to understand whether that’s what you want.
Secondly, it helps you to get a better relationship with this company, or those selling the products or those rendering the services to you! Yes, in fact, your keenness to know the truth, helps them serve you better! They won’t want you to

a) Pin them to the law, or sue them!
b) Or stop coming for more, as you realize they lied to you!

Hence, the truth is those who always ask questions in the markets, get a better
a) Experience
b) A better customer relationship!

c) And the best value for their monies. (Ye, the get the right services and products for their monies).
(So, even if you don’t want to ask them questions still do and ask them questions, because buying is a technique (a skill). Being a bit polite asking your questions, is also the better technique in getting all your results and to also have values for your monies, or for all your investments!
So Ask! Ask all the time to keep
d) Your monies safe!
e) Also, your time saved and not wasted!
f) And to avoid emotional disturbances for not getting your right or quality products or services.
So ask; don’t be fooled by exciting advertisements and promotions. They can still mean, nothing!
Start buying your most important product or service first, unless you already have the money to cover all you’re buyings.
From the most important person or company first (the place with high value and quality and with also affordable pricings). Yes, so when you go to the markets, ask about the most important companies who offer that service in town. (For anything you don’t know, you just need somebody who knows much about this product or services to be able to show you). Yet, sometimes you must keep it safe, by asking more than just 1 person.

‘‘In a multitude of counselors, there’s safety.’’

It’s important to choose where you’re buying from. So it’s not just about buying, but its also about where you’re also buying from!

Once you get there, check their price, whether they’re products are quality; whether they satisfy and whether, the place is neat, considering your health. And even, whether you need to or have to buy from there or not!
(The reason why God is showing us this is so that we can save money).

Ask for your receipts. (Do not destroy all your receipts for future purposes and security reasons when you get home). There are many benefits of having receipts which I’m going to share with you later!

Make sure you’re making the ‘Right, or Correct Payments’ and the ‘Right or Correct Payments,’ to the right persons (The Sales Person) of this Business. Yes, go to the counter, and don’t assume everyone you see around in this business office is a right person or is the right salesman or woman. There can be crooks in that Business Office; even among the salesmen!

Also, you must make sure that the right amount as well as the name right name of the products, have been written on the issued receipts!

Always thank them after every purchase you make in the office or in their shop.

However, before you leave, ask for their contacts. (However, when their written on their receipts, you don’t need to do that unless you want to verify whether the numbers, work!). The shop or vendors will be glad to give them to you. Perhaps, you may need to make some unsatisfactory complains on the phone, or for asking them for proper usage of this product. In this case, it means that, you wouldn’t have to come all the way back through this heinous traffic, to waste your time, money and energy again, to be able to do that, as well!

One you’re done, enjoy your purchase after all that.

Yes, in times of ‘Saving Monies,’ In a Hard Economic Time it’s important too, to make the right purchases so that you don’t lose, and it’s also better to make the right ‘purchasing choices,’ to get the best out of what you want. So then, to save and mange your money always, IT’S EQUALLY BETTER TO BUY OR SHOP THINGS RIGHTLY, SO THAT YOU DON’T LOSE ON MONEY!

God Bless!


Prince Akogo.

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