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Help Your Wife, So She Help Save The Home!


Help Your Wife, So She Help Save The Home!

You need to open up a business for your wife-most likely one that is in her area of calling, that is, in the area of her endowed talents!

That was the reason why God called your wife to be by your side, and to support you in all that you do!
If you only become the worker in the house, it will become too much on you; so therefore, you must support your wife, so that she can support you. That’s the kind of assignment she’s been called to do-to help!
Before Eve will come out God had already given Adam a work to do onto Him; and so realizing that Adam needed a helper He said that He would give him one, who should be suitable to help him.

Yes, God was a thoughtful person! Yes, if one will chase out a thousand, two could handle ten-thousand!
In this, it means that Eve was not called TO BECOME A ‘HOUSEWIFE,’ just sit at the home, and enjoy whatever was brought before her, by her man (husband).

When one becomes a consumer and eats up the efforts of the other, how then will there be riches, or economic improvement in the house?

So, you can’t keep your wife home, doing nothing! The concete command was, ‘she must be a helpmeet’ and that’s who, she must become, in fulfillment of her God-given assignments, otherwise you’ve made her fail, in her life or in her calling.

You’re called into leadership to lead her in fulfilling every assigned callings she has too! Yes, as a master it’s your duty to do so. Her purpose, is not a sex-toy. It’s a demeaning thought against the potential of a lady-in all that God had called her to be by your side.

So open a business for the virtuous woman, for the wife of your youth, and let her eventually support you! She’s the glory of the house and she’ll help you build the house.

The Great House will be built together, by putting your hands together. We build a family by love but we also build a family by works and giving support to each other. The value of a woman is measured by the works she does to support her husband or her man! So it’s not right, that a man should think he’s all called alone to work in support of the house.

Once your foot, is not standing well, she’ll be there, with her attained resources to support you! Now wisely the Lord told me that ”You need to open a business for your house, so she’s very strong with work before you die, or else if you die she won’t be able to take care of the children!

Understand here that, men often die and leave their women quite early sometimes, and so if you equip her before you die, she’ll still have ‘hope’ to absolutely be able to take care of the children! If she was unworking before you die, it’ll become very difficult for her; this is actually why some women end up leaving home, and going on the streets with their children in search of food, because they were not strong during marriage, or during the time their ‘breadwinner’ or husband was around!

All this could have been ‘curtailed,’ if she was working in her talents, and you’ve equally opened a business for her in her giftings!

This is a faithful part of her calling!

A woman, no matter beautiful or ugly you think she is is called to be a helper, and you can’t just keep her at home, like a servant or a basketball wife!

Therefore, the only reason why God said men need a helper was because, it was not good for the man to manage their works alone! Therefore, the purpose is to build our house as a Company!

So by wisdom, if she also has a calling, she also needs a helpmate; and she also needs resources, for her assignments to assist you!

Yes, the clouds receive rain, but the clouds receive back rain, and together they provide life.
For the house to grow in wealth support the wife of your youth, with times, money, resources and your built-strength!

Her support will help generate the ‘economic safety’ you need, and will help save the home money!


Prince Akogo.

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