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How To Save More Money Easily At Any Hard Economic Time!


How To Save Money Easily In These Hard Economic Time: God Reveals

One of the things the Lord showed me which is causing His people not to become rich or wealthy in life, is the fact that His people are not able to save properly!

He had stressed on the fact that, saving finally, is good, but not everybody knows how to save; thus some people find it very difficult to save.

Most people have indeed broken their oaths on savings and so up till now they have not been able to gather so much money from all the savings they have been trying to do over the years or down the line!

Now, over here the Lord gave me a good advice on how to save so that, by following the advice He gives it will become easy for us to save, thus less challenging and much faster without interruptions.

He had explained that the underlying factor why we’re not able to save much money, is because, ‘‘we don’t prepare our backs well before going about to save. ”

According to Him, before you can start saving properly or start making financial savings easier for you, you have to first go on shopping, or to first go to the markets and buy up some shopping products-mostly household products, such as food, water and other basic necessities of life in bulk or in abundance before you can actually start saving very well, in life.

(It means there are some things you should start doing first before before you start to say ‘I’m going to save money’ ).

Secondly, as I just told when you go for shopping make sure you buy these basic resources, (food, water, and other basic necessities of life) in ‘BULK QUANTITY.’

Yes, should make sure you acquire them in BULK so that they can last you for a very long time while you’re depending upon them!

Now, it is at this point, or when you have done this before you can say that ”I’m going to start Financial Savings!”
Why should this be so?

The Lord eventually explained:

Have you ever come to the place where you tried saving money for a long time with the intention to make you rich, but quite soon enough than you expected you went again or back for the monies, and thus, interrupted your savings?

(And then later you’d become in need or broke again!)
Why did you do that?

It was because you never saved, or never had enough ‘back-ups substances’ at home, before you went out there to say you’re saving!

And so then when you’d fallen back into the place of need, you went back in for your savings!
Hence, there was no back-up then to prepare your backs or to accommodate you during the saving period!
Thus, you needed to sacrifice your monies again, that was in your savings, to acquire these ‘life necessities!”
Well, what does it mean then?

If you had gotten yourself or acquired yourself a bulk of these ‘back-up’ resources first before you went out there to save, you wouldn’t have found it a need to go in for your money-to acquire the same things! As you already have them, why go in for the monies to buy them to buy these very things again?

In that case, your financial savings would have been much easier and not interrupted by a need if you had already provided for yourself these ”back-ups” necessities of life, before you’d ended up there to save money!

Thus, the best, easy, and first thing a person must do before he starts saving money according to the Lord, is first of all, go to the markets and buy for his house, enough ‘’back-up stuff’ in bulk, such as food, water and other basic items which are all necessary for him, bring them home before he should, go out there to start saying financially!
So then, the formulae is that you cannot start saving comfortably unless you first save a lot of food and water and some other basic necessities which usually takes up your money on a daily basis, so they don’t end up calling out every now and then for your savings, which will end up interrupting the savings done so far!

Hence, you’ve actually provided enough security at home before you started saving.

Thus, and in actual fact the secret about comfortable savings which a lot of people don’t know is that:

Never start saving your monies until you first have a firm back-up of the things that try to take up your monies almost on a daily basis (e.g. food, and water and other basic necessities of life) so that you don’t end up breaking your oath and going back for the monies to get yourself up these basic necessities of life, which you can’t do without!

(This is the formulae for us becoming financially rich and economically sound, as at this time!)

So then actually, the savings is not the first thing you need to do; the provisions of these basic necessities of life are what you need to do first before you start going out there to save so that they do not end up interrupting your continuous savings, in some ways!

This is because if you have them already, why the need to go and cash ‘your money’ to buy them or to go in for them again? ”Will that be important?”

Well no, because you’ve long dealt with those businesses of your everyday life!

Hence, this a major secret we don’t know and so we find it difficult to save even though we do have the longings to save-for we all deem to be financially rich or economically sound, one of these days!

Thus, savings could have been faster or rapid, or done in a more uninterrupted way or much easier or in a much comfortable manner, if we should provide for our homes first the ‘back-ups’ which are the things we need for our daily upkeep, and those things that usually call up for our monies on a daily basis, so we don’t bring about unnecessary interruptions every now and then in important financial savings!

So, Go Get The Back-Ups!

Start Making, And Saving Some Monies!


Prince Akogo

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