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Solving The Major & Minor Problems Of The World: The Youth & Families Of The Nations Must Engage In Serious Agriculture


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Solving The Major & Minor Problems Of The World (Part 1): The Families Of Society & The Youth Must Engage In Agriculture: God Reveals!

‘What few people can do if everybody should go into it it’ll be much more beneficial for you all,’ said the Lord to me!

The Lord then explained to me, ‘If few people (few families) are entering into agriculture and they’re still able to cater for us (all the people in the world), how much more will we all feed ourselves, if each (and every family) on the land, should enter into a kind or form of agriculture, which will be aside what they do?

What then will be the new results?

So then, how much more if each of the generations (no matter how young or old they’re), should intend to go into a kind of agricultural practices eventually?

There’ll be such abundance that we’ll need to throw away, just as how ships offloads excess during a wreck of a ship, because each of the families will not be able to eat all!

The Lord added and said to me, ‘I didn’t say agriculture is an occupation for the national best farmer, it’s a natural work for everybody-for each and everybody, in my land!’

He explained that, it’s much more like a normal house-chore for everybody to do! Yes, it’s a life, or a home chore for everybody to undertake-not an option! O yes, it’s like marriage, praising God, having children, raising a home (family), you drinking water, or you putting your clothes on!

It’s an occupation for all! So in fact, it’s a chewing stick for everyone to chew, when he’s awake!

”Even God was in a Garden!”

So then, if you’re doing a job somewhere, you still must do this job (chore) on the side to get some passive income and feed the entire house; whether you’re a banker, a secretary, a soldier, policeman, a a politician, business man, or the king (a president), a house-help, you’re supposed to go onto the land!

(Agriculture, is not for some few people who grade the ground). Therefore, we’ll end up becoming lazy if we don’t do any of this! The land is bare and there to feed the homes! Learn it in your style, do it your way, make money by offering lot of resources!

No matter what you do, no matter where you come from, no matter where you sit as an individual, you’ll have to do it personally, aside the job you do at home, or at the work! It’s a lucrative chore, and business!

You’ll have abundanace. If we were doing that too, GMOs wouldn’t have been a important thing of the issue, and we would have saved our health from the junk poisons on all our streets!

Personally, I don’t think eventually, anybody would have worked for anybody else again, with the intent to get money from somewhere before they can feed!

‘Yes, more families will be successful if they should then do this, as a chore or as a hobby; you should believe this!’ said the Lord to me!

Agriculture is not for a separated set of people, it’s for everybody! Agriculture is not for the few secluded, whom we adore, as the National Farmers! We all should be doing a form of it, someway somehow,or on the side!

Well, unlike many other jobs it’s a job for all-not for the secluded few!

So then, you should look for a land close by, and farm on it as a side occupation, or job!

Rember, it’s not for the best national farmer!

It’s for all in the countries to practice it to increase world yeild, and that will reduce world prices as a whole!

Prince Akogo


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