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How Service Businesses, Crawling Manufactures and Producers Can Enter Into The Markets, As Very Strong Brands In A Hard Economic Time!



How Service Businesses, Crawling Manufactures and Producers Can Enter Into The Markets, As Very Strong Brands In A Hard Economic Time!

In a ‘thick’ economy such as this where everyone around you, is almost selling something or selling almost the same thing as you have, what should you do to cause your business to also have a voice in the noisy market?

One of the great strategies to take, is to able to produce more than just1 product, or create diversified products or services, if you’re a manufacturer or a producer!

Producing diversified products may present you as a strong brand in the market than those producers who had just produced one thing.

So, produce many diversified products in large quantities, and do a massive campaign for each one of them!

So then, even if some of your products may not have a voice, others may, which should cause those that do not have a voice now, to be known later!

Well, understand that, if you create one product it could be swallowed up by many competitions, in that same market and this can weaken your business, especially if you’re penetrating for the first time.

And at another time too, you could join all your products & services as 1 giant pack, to have more strength than those which are in your target markets! For example, you can create something like a 3 in 1 Pack (Package) instead of just 1 Pack, or Package! So then, your 3 in 1 package will become stronger than 1 pack, or package!

So, be an industry of many products. Yes, see the many talents you have, and create something out of them.

Again, see how many diversified products your raw materials can help you do, or can also help you create with them!

Yes, research into this more.

So, with creating multiple products while one product may satisfy one target market, the others may not that market, but may satisfy others. So do target marketing to each of the markets, they belong.

You should also note, that each product you’ve created is a product on its own. In other words, you’ve created diversified products (for yourself), thus diversified businesses in the markets too for yourself. But perhaps, if you merge they could become the same or stronger than already established (stronger) brands in town; o yes, and this can help you get some leverage!

(Maybe, that’s how you’ll beat them if the markets (people) see you’re giving more!). Note: you should just try to make sure you’re giving them quality, and that will help!

Hence, Multiplicity has the strength to increase strength of business brands, in all the markets!

This is what the wise, will still do!


Prince Akogo.


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