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3 Things Subjects and Followers Look Out For Once You Stand In-front of them To Speak!


3 Things Subjects and Followers Look Out For Once You Stand In-front of them To Speak!

There are many things followers look out for in a leader, immediately you stand in front of them to speak! These are some the 3 main things followers sub-consciously look out for in you, when you’re always standing in front of them to speak,  or you’re always leading them!

A) First is your dressing.

Followers will sub-conciously look at your outfit (dressing) once you stand in front of them to speak. They will size you up and look at your dress, your hair, facial hair, your belt, your shoe (it’s colours) and it’s beauty; yes, indeed, your w atch and everything matters.

They’ll also look at whatever is in your hands, once you walk in to speak, or you get up to speak!

(I must say that though a lot of women do put a lot thought into this, most men don’t). However, few have learnt this art!

Well, as a leader there’s a secret you must learn-with what followers look out for. And this secret is that, the greatest and most sensitive part you can use in first attracting your followers ‘keen’ interest is your hair. The Lord taught me this, as a great secret!

Yes, you can attract flowers interests with the smoothness and sleekness of your hair first and foremost. (Learn it, it’s a secret that can help you when delivering your speech! It must be sleek and smooth (curly)), because subconsciously it’s one of the things your clients look at. Following that, is the neatness of your shoe!

So, the second should be the neatness of your footwear, or your shoe!

Now thirdly, according to the Lord, when it’s a less formal occasion, your under-part should be white!

(Then He said that, your watch is the fourth one; it must equally be neat, and quite classy!)

So secretly, getting these 4 (four) things on point are some of the things which will keep your follower’s interest, or focus on you, as they seek to scan around you!

Well, a lot of people want to be leaders, but they do not put thought into what they do, or what they wear before standing up to talk!

So note that, if you want to be a leader then you must put full thought into these. Once these four points are on point, you’re likely to become a great leader, who’s good at giving speeches, because you’ll capture their interests with your appearance first and foremost, before talking! Yes of course-it’ll all start with your appearance first and foremost!


B) Your Words:

The second sub-conscious thing they will look at is the words. Here, when I’m talking about your words I’m talking about what you say, or what you want to actually say. It’s much more about how you’ll say it. How you’ll say whatever you’re going to say matters, to them. The tonation you use, how you start your speech (do you greet?), when to say it, and your total mannerisms on the stage. It includes the time you walked in, and how you walked in onto the stage before greeting (the total mannerisms).

These are all watched by your clients or followers who you’ll cause to buy into what you want them to think, or your speech you’re going to deliver.

All those mannerisms, your first comments, what you say in between and how you say it and obviously, your last comments all will in this case matter.

(Appreciate their time for coming and for stopping by, cherish it, draft your tonation well, how you move your arm (hands), that is your bodily gestures and movements, including how your points are arranged, the way you draft your sentences and the manner in which you’ll look at them, matters! It includes, your voice levels and pitches.

They all matter to these ”customers,’’ or your listeners.

Words and gestures are products, and they must be delivered suitably. If they’re done well, these all can captivate the crowd following you or listening to you.


C) The Important of what you want to say:

Now, when the above point has been done right, how important is what you want to say? Does it bring Good News? Good news indeed is all they want to hear. Nobody will like to come to sit there, and will like to listen to your thrush! They don’t have time for that or they will stand and go, and will be insulting your nuisance in their heads, and talk verbally about you to their peers once they meet them outside the conference hall.

But if you deliver a great speech, one that’s satisfactory, they’ll praise you for ‘starting’ to make their day.

So know that, any speech you  deliver, should contain good Words. It must indeed, have points that satisfy.

And even when there’s a negative news to say, there’s a way you’ll say it: Start not with the negative news first in the speech or the presentations you deliver. That should be second after a series of good news have been said, or have been delivered.

Thirdly, end the speech with stronger good news. This is to nullify, or neutralize the bad news a little so it doesn’t totally spoil or change the mood of the people. Speech delivering just as book writing is artistry, and it is part of the science which we must learn.

So, do you do this?

So do this, and don’t change the mood of the people totally. And you could ask about their suggestions in tackling the matter after you’ve delivered your last good news at the end of your speech, or your presentations.

Some of them, after considering your delivery, may offer you some brilliant ideas. After all, wisdom cannot be found in just one person’s mind and in the multitude of counselors, there’s safety.

(God may perhaps speak through one of them).

Indeed, if you should do this, your followers will love you as never before. They’ll know that you’re a skillful person and qualifies to be a great leader who’s ready for problems, and answers problems.


Leadership 101 skills

When you stand before them in all cases try and deliver only good news confidently.

Peace with you.

Thank you.

Prince Akogo.


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