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Every Leader Teaches His Subjects: Every Leader Must Be In Writing!


Every Leader Teaches His Subjects: Every Leader Must Be In Writing!

According to the Lord, one way for a leader to be able to improve the lives of his people is for him to be able to write! The Lord said to me, ‘Every leader must write!’

Of course, it’s important that every leader writes and must not assume that the people know and understand how to manage, or maintain the resources of the economy!

So then, it’s good that every leader should be in a form of  writing, showing the people how they’re able to do that! It’s a way of informing the people to come along with you, other than that, they may drag you into the slow pace of development!

Every leader is a teacher, and must explain the way of the development of the country!

”It’s important that every leader must write good books to teach his followers or subjects or must at least have a blog where his followers follow informal and educative writings!” so the Lord said to me!

He said, ”It’s a 101 idea for all leaders to do that!”

(Certainly, this will help the people in understanding you, and in relating well with you!)

Every leader must be in writing! Thank You!

Prince Akogo.

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