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Financial Savings Strategy: Change Your Monies Into Coins To Save


Financial Savings Strategy: Change Your Monies Into Coins To Save

Hey, learn this;

Have you realized that often times, when you’re holding a paper money or a paper note, it’s quite difficult to hold that money and keep it for a very long time?

A lot of people will tell you that while in town, ”things” begin to call them to use that paper money to buy something. It’s as though a spirit comes upon you, and will compulse you to use, or to let go of that paper note, hence losing it, when you don’t even plan to use it on anything. O yes! It’s like ”unseen” things begin to call for that money in your hands against your wish!

You can hold a 50$ note today, and while you haven’t planned to use it, you end up using it to by something! However, you’ll find that that ”spirit,” is different with other denominations called coins! Yes, it’s a different ”spirit” or way with coins! Sure, you can have coins for a long time but don’t feel like spending it! Yes, these coins, can be in your pockets for a very long time-and you wouldn’t feel like spending them!

Hence that ”spirit,” is powerless with coins!

So this is one way we don’t save, or lose money! Hence, for whatever ”spirit” it is, it causes you to lose, or let go of that paper money-so you don’t save.

So, while the former helps you to waste frequently, the later helps you to save!

So now, this is how I’ll advice you!

Anytime you should get a paper note in your hands be quick to change it, or to convert all that note, or bill, into coins, which will help you save that money!

One way to do that, is to find something less costly to buy with that bill or note, say something that costs a dollar or a penny, and then request from the seller to give you coins, as the balance!

(Thus, your balance should be in coins).

In that form of denomination, you won’t feel obligated to use it!

(So You Put The Power Of That Voice Down!)

To save these coins, have a money box with you and slot in all those coins! Yes, do it periodically to all your notes; you’ll see how much you’ll be able to save later in life, which would have all gone into wasting if you haven’t done that!

Convert them back into papers or into bills in the future, only if you want to buy something substantial, which should be forever beneficial to your life.

In all, the coins are the best, since they help you hold back a lot of monies you had never planned to waste, and had plans for! It’s time to be blessed; and it’s time to save, to get back all that you’ve been losing, from time to time!

Prince Akogo. Thanks!

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