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Giving Is An Investment (Part 2)


Giving Is An Investment (Part 2)

Giving Is An Investment.

Do you know some form of giving is an investment? Let me explain! Giving is an investment because, if about 100 of your family members or friends, should today come into the place of need and should each ask you for some help or financial assistance, ranging from 2$-5$, and you were able to go out of your way to help them, not being stingy, it’s likely that by tomorrow or in the future, when you should also come into a place of need (though God forbid), you’ll soon be able to have about 100 of these people to also help you! Now, what if each of them are in a good place now? That means tomorrow, you’ll have about 100 well-to do people to befall on!

Having realized your kind gesture in the past, if each of these friends will also decide to support you, with also 2-5$ in return, you should have about 200-500$ in that minute, to see you out of your financial problems! That means, you’ve bounced out of some poverty or need!

Yet, imagine the money you had given each one of them was more, that should be an amount bigger than that 200-500$ you’ll get in return or back! The more you give, the more you get in return or back!

Well, you should do this, because sometimes, you don’t know whether you’ll be in need or not! Often times, these friends of yours may decide to give you more than what you gave to them as a gift, because at such times, they may not calculate the help you gave them in terms of monetary value, but rather, in terms of the ‘strength of the deliverance” that ‘sacrifice” you gave brought to them, because sometimes 2$ dollars may be more worth than a 1000 dollars to a man who’s in dire need, but might not be able to even afford a penny!

(This is what some of those friends may remember!)

So, in giving help back to you, some of them may decide to give you even some other substances in return, often beyond your 2$!

Say, some one can decide to give you a car, or a plane ticket!

You may not know what ”great surprises” may come out of your giving, in the times of your need!

Yet, a stingy person never gets those important opportunities!

So then, It’s Blessed To Give Than To Receive! So give, because you may not know what will come out greatly out of your giving in an event when you’re in need!

Help comes in many ways for the giver, yes, even down to his deathbed, even some form of  help he’ll never pay for, nor will even work  for! Yes, such helps could even go down to his family, and transcend to his generations!

Therefore, Giving To Others, Is An Investment You Do, For Others; This Supposes That Giving Is Also An Insurance!

God had also proclaimed that there’s a blessing to the giver now, and in the afterlife, yes, from everlasting to everlasting!

See why Jesus and God gave to us, and are still getting much ”praises” back in return? Yes, Don’t Take The Praises Back From Him! Therefore, We Owe Him Lots Of Praises!

Thanks, and be like Jesus, who knew the importance of giving, giving out His all!

Don’t ever block the chances, as the stingy man doesn’t know that that’s what He’s done unto himself!

Enough and enough comes back to the giver, because often times the rich people will tell that the rich people who become rich, don’t become rich because of works they did or by shear calculation, but just by giving!

Regardless of what you think, the Principles of Giving Makes People Rich, now and in the near future!

Take Advantage of Giving, As A Way To Become Rich, Because It Doesn’t Require Anyone To Go School To Learn!

Hence, Any One Can Be Rich With Giving!

Be A Gift Giver!

Thank You, And God Bless Your Pennies From Now, And Into The Everlasting World!

Only The Wise Knows Why We Give, To Make People Happy!

Peace, And Be A Blessed Giver!

Your Alms-Giving, Will Pave Way For You!

(Congrats, For Becoming The Gift Giver!).

Thank You; Tell The One Who’s Always Been Giving That’s He’s Never Lost-So Then, The Poor Too Can Give! (The Poor, And The Rich Can Both Give In Cash, And In Kind!).

Have A Blessed Day!

Be Blessed, Thanks Once Again! Finally, The Lord Said To Me, ” The Best Secret Of Wealth, Stems From The Secret Of Your Giving, Through Love; It’s Not About Your Fineness, Nor Your Hardness!” And Then He Added And Said, ”I’ve Shown You The Way Of Becoming Wealthy. In Here, Is The Master Plan!”


Prince Akogo.

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