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The Piggy Bank Or Money Box Banking

The Piggy Bank Or Box Money Banking: Save Now


The Piggy Bank Or Money Box Banking

Do you know that, it’s often good to put money, or to save your monies in a ”piggy box,” a money saving box, or what we call a ”susu box”? So, sometimes, this practice is better than saving with ”susu” or microfinance, or financial companies like the banks, or with savings and loans companies indeed

We’ve been faced with the issue, where crooks (both organizations and individuals) in this industry, have actually run away with the people’s consistent savings they had with them! These, you must be aware of! So, start saving the monies yourself!

Now, it’s very simple to do that!

You don’t have to save much to get a ”susu” or a money saving box-to be able to do that!

These boxes are very cheap in town, and even if they don’t have some in your country, you can make them by yourself.


Piggy Or Money Saving Box


It’s often a round, square or oval shaped box, enclosed, with a tiny open slit, to pass down your monies! (So don’t worry, if you don’t have a money safe, this is what you can use).

However, we call it ”susu.” ”Susu,” means ”savings.” Thus, a ”Susu Box” connotes a ”A Savings Box.” It’s often called a piggy box in some circles! So, slot your monies in the piggy box, through the open slit, whenever you’re ready, to save up some monies!

You can do it by yourself, and you don’t need anybody to help you!

Just, remember to save it up in a good place, so that ”human rats” and ”animal rats” will come and take up the box! Prevent animals such as rats, from chewing up both the box and the paper monies!

Yes, to prevent animal ”rats” from chewing up the monies, you could decide to use a metallic box, or changing the notes or bills in the money saving box into coins!

From then onwards, you’re good to go, bro!

Lots of Love, And Peace Up, Friends!


Prince Akogo.

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