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Words From The Bible Can Relieve You Of Stress; Try it!


Words From The Bible Can Relieve You Of Stress; Try it!

According to the Lord, you must read 90% of positive words frequently in the Bible.

This is able to reduce up some stress!

Now, the Lord said that when we are teaching or preaching the Word, we should focus more on the positive aspects of the Bible, than the negative aspects.

Yes, this is able to reduce some from of stress because of it’s encouraging promises!

In other words we are to read more on those scriptures or verses which are there to bless our souls! Yes, we must focus, on the positive sides, and so read those type of scriptures on a daily basis. They’re to carry our day, and with their promises will help us carry forward in life. Yes, they were designed for us and we must confess them over our lives, for God to remove all the burdens upon our lives! Understand, that by your words you shall be justified, and by your words you shall be blessed (glorified).

According to the Lord, the fact that God said we’re told to be studying the Bible, doesn’t mean we must go focusing on judgmental scriptures. So then, the Bible has also become unattractive and unproductive to most of us, as having the ability to reduce common things as stress!

Thus, read and focus more on your ‘rights, promises, and your relationship with God and Christ, and absolutely, your position in the kingdom of God,’ than sad aspects of the stories, happened to certain people for certain reasons!

This should help you study the Bible well and will as well strengthen you in life each and everyday.

Surely, the sort of encouragement the Bible gives us is un-surmountable, helping us to overcome stress, and burdens- if we’ve realized it! Certainly, those scriptures help you to focus on the right perfect side of life, about your life, and equally about your callings!

They’ll help you offload a lot of stress, while they’ll add life to your soul, and will make peace in your hearts!


Prince Akogo.


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