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Try ”On-Foot-Marketing!’’ It’s Still The Best.


‘’On-Foot-Marketing,’’ Is Still One Of The Best.

Marketing on foot, is still one of the best ways to win people over to your products and services. This sort of marketing is just about meeting people in your circles, on your way, or just going about and talking to people, about your products and services, and openly telling them them about it’s benefits and about its uses.

Well, recently, I did a digital marketing campaign, and expected to have results, but did not get anything from it! Around the same time,I went on foot and spoke to people in my area about my products and services. Little did I know that each of the people will be interested!

In fact, almost everybody I spoke to, was interested in my products and services! They each ordered for my products and services!

Not to say that digital marketing does not work, however, I mean to say that ‘foot’ marketing, where we meet the people physically in town, and talk to them about our products and services, still works!

Together, use foot marketing and digital marketing campaigns, to reach your customers!

It still works!

It allows you to interact with the people,one on one!

Now, these are some tips to make your on-foot-marketing campaigns successful

  1. Dress well, and smell good before you go; be hygienically clean! (Well, I must say that, make sure your mouth smells good, because you’ll be meeting people one on one, to talk to them!

Personally, be physically attractive, a sort of attraction in which people can spot you from a distance!

(Yes, understand that people look at you, when you’re attractive; this might make them open door to you to speak with them, since instead of being frightened, they’ll be carried away by the approach of an attractive personality, and will open their doors; yes, the opposite is also true!)

  1. Mind this-make sure you equally approach with a confident smile, and also with a warm, or cordial greeting!
  2. Have, or make sure you carry a sample of the product along, also: so then at least, this will help them hold, touch and feel the product you’ve designed for them!
  3. While speaking, make sure you still keep your smile!
  4. You’re no more at the office, so speak with them in a semi-formal way, but do it interestingly, as though you knew them long ago, so that they’ll be receptive to you!
  5. Introduce yourself, your brand and the product; specify the ingredients that are used for the products, and explain it’s benefits and uses!
  6. Answer all their questions!

(If you’ve personally used the products, tell them about it, and how you felt about it! This can increase the chances of you getting a sale, if they should trust in you!)

a) Do not push too hard; take their contacts with or without a sale, and tell them you’ll still keep the friendship!

b) You should try to only use 5 minutes; try to use only 5 minutes of their precious time, except they request for more; that means they might be very interested!

c) Oh, yes, Keep your smile even to the very end, answer all their questions, and thank them after everything-with or without a sale!

d) Now, even if they don’t buy, try to leave them with an attractive flyer of the discussed product; so you must have them with you! Yes, the flyer should include the image of the discussed products, it’s description, including the price of the discussed product or service! It should also include your address, location, your website link, email, and contacts, in which they’ll later contact you, if they’re interested, in the future! (So, that’s why I said, ‘’Don’t Push Too Hard.’’

e) Yes, call them or send them some Whatsapp messages: you can also take their emails to send them updates on packages-products and services! (This can be a means by which you’ll educate them).

f) Okay-occassionally, pay them a visit at their homes and be friends or increase the friendship intensity! (At this point, it can lead to the sales you want!

g) Yes, invite them to free seminars, events and programs; that’s where they’ll get to freely know more about the products and the services, and tighten the relationship with you! At the meetings, be also interested in their businesses, if you can! If there’s a way their business can benefit from your business, be ready to help them with that! (You’re trying to do this, to keep a long standing relationship with your projected long-term customers or clients!) (For instance, one of the ways you can do this, is to do a simple A4 flyer of their businesses and share it around for them! So take pictures of this campaign, and show them what you’ve done for their businesses, on behalf of their businesses, as a good person who’s also a friend of their businesses!). (This, will keep loyalty to your businesses!)

Yes, apart from tightening the relationship with them, this will end you up of enjoying a lot of ‘’word of mouth’’ marketing from these people, and they’ll tell their neighbours, the families, their communities, and their friends about the kind gesture you gave them, and it’s all because of the goodness you done for them!

Yes, you’ll immediately see that, at the end you’ll start getting many customers and clients, who’ll come to you, a people whom you’ve not personally won or marketed to, but they heard of your good-heartedness or about your kind hearts, from a friend! (It’ll go on and go on, into the generations!).

Your business will grow on, as viral!

h) At the end, thank them for such equally great opportunities, and then keep their friendship and the relationship, deep-down into the future, so you can enjoy unstoppable sales, down from one kind gesture!

That’s absolutely what the ‘’Best Foot-Marketing Business,’’ is all about!


Prince Akogo.

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