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The Most Important Power Of A Leader Is His Love: Find Out Why

The Most Important Power Of A Leader Is His Love: Find Out  Why

In every circle of leadership, ‘love’ is the main thing. What will cause people to connect to you and bind themselves to you, is your ability to love them.

Your ability to love your followers will show how they will also be connected back to you. Every follower is seeking for love back from his or her leader before he or she can connect back to him or her.  Therefore, love is the greatest force in leadership.

Our ability to love and care shows how we’re able to bear up with their concerns and grievances. In doing that, we provide for their needs, speak well to them, as well as spend our quality time with them.

So, if leaders are able to do this, their followers will stick closer to them for the long haul. Hence, ‘‘Love’’ is the greatest magnet in leadership, binding followers and leaders together in the journey of life.

For this reason, God has chosen to be a God of love, so He can draw all things onto Himself, as well as all things becoming drawn to Him in this journey of life.

Hence, as the creator considers ‘love and care’ as the greatest ingredients of leadership, practicing it everyday, so we must equally do, those of us who have been placed in various circles of leadership by His grace.

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