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Is God Responsible For Our Sufferings?


Is God Responsible For Our Sufferings?

Has God ever abandoned us His children?


The kind of love God has for us is like the love a mother has for her son or just like the love a father has for her daughter, irrespective of whatever comes in-between them.

We really stemmed from God’s navel. Therefore, there is absolutely no way God will ever abandon us, regardless of whatever we do.

However, if God is that merciful, it does not imply that we should lever live incorrectly or should ever sin. God has forever warned us not to go wayward.

Are consequences God’s fault?

Certainly not; no, never.

Yes, I can be your Father. However, that is regardless of what you go out there to say or do in an average day, which could bring trouble in your life.

So then, the consequences too will come regardless of whether I am your biological father or not; or whether I am in known of your wrong doings or not.

As your father, with the counsel which I have given to you, I will only be in trust that, you g out there and to do what I have advised you to do. However, this is only because, by my long experience, I can only give you my son a good fatherly counsel. That is the basic responsible every earthly father does, isn’t it?

In short, God is often or mostly not responsible for the things we go out there to face. So then, let us not blame Him, for such occurrences that happen to us, such as poverty, diseases, failures or economic difficulties.

God really knows this earth better than we all do, because it is His own creation. He actually knows and understands life better than we do here. He will not force us as human autocratic leaders do. However, knowing we are wise and matured, we should only believe and trust in His counsels to give ourselves a good path on earth; a world or an earth we know He knows it better than we do.

We should be able to fully trust God and take  advise or counsel from Him-even more than from any man or visible or invisible creature that exists or that will ever exist.

There is no man who’s voice must be ‘richer’ than the ‘free’ voice of the only One who gave us life on this earth. God has the Supreme Voice on the earth.

Aside that, there is no one on the earth subject to know more things than God who had brought Him in, just as Bill Gate understands his computer software more than us. Therefore, the ‘Unpleasant Voice’ of God which comes through His Spirit, will be the only perfect counsel you will get from from any where,  within the four corners of this created earth.

Regardless of what some of the rebellious souls may think, is the Safest Voice on the earth.

Give heed to the only counsel of God, because there is no leader who has a better counsel than God.

In His ‘Unpleasant’ Voice, is the Life. We know God knows all things; so then He the creator, will never  us to ‘suffer.’ Our sufferings come when we disobey Him and go according to the courses of our hearts.

So, to be save, remain in His full knowledge, wisdom and counsel. Let us heed to the Universe’s Owner’s counsels or instructions to be safe.

Thank You.


Prince Akogo.


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