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God’s Love Which Stays With Us Throughout All Times


Has God Abandoned Us?


The kind of love God has for us, is like the love a mother has for her son, and a father has for her daughter no matter what they do, and no matter how they’re in ‘filth.’

As really stemmed from God’s navel, there’s absolutely no way God will ever abandone us, regardless of what we do! However, if God is that merciful, if doesn’t mean we should sin. God has forever said we should not sin.

Are consequences God’s fault?

Certainly not; no, never!

Yes, I can be your Father, but that’s regardless of what you go out there to say and do!

Similarly, consequences come regardless of whether I’m Your Father, yes, but it’s in regard to what you go out there to do, which as a Father I may not know what you do out there to do.

Oh yes, with my words I’ve given to you, I’ll only be in trust that, you g out there and to do what I’ve told you to go out there to go and do.

And this is only because, by my long experience, I can only give you a Fatherly counsel!

God is often not responsible for the things we go out there to face, and so let’s not blame Him.

God, knows the Earth better than we’ll always do. O yes, He’ll know life better than we’ll always do. He’ll not force us as in authocratic leadership to do what He wants us to do, but knowing that we’re wise and matured, we’ll only believe in His counsel to live in an earth in which He knows much more about it than us.

We only take counsel from the leader, even tough it doesn’t seem nice, and not from a man, or a leader who’s also in an unknown walk with us, and might forever be subject to unrecognized consequences .

For this reason, there’s no man who’s voice must be ‘richer,’ than the ‘free’ voice of the One, who gave us life on the earth.

There’s no one subject to know things more than God; yes, just as Bill Gate understands his software more than you! The ‘Unpleasant Voice’ of God is His Counsel.

Regardless of what some men may think, the Voice of God will counsel you, and guide you, and it’ll lead you to that place. Anytime men speak, it shows that they’re ignorant about the path.

Love the only counsel of God!.

In that Voice is the Life. You God knows all things, and He’ll not cause you to ‘suffer.’ Remain finally in His love!

Listen, and follow the Earth’s Owner’s Counsels!


Prince Akogo.

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