This Is How We Know We Are All Actually One


This Is How We Know We Are All Actually One

God has a family: He stands as the Father, the Holy Spirit supposedly acts as the Mother. And Jesus (and we in Him) are indeed the children of this Lord of this Earth. So, that means you and I are brothers and sisters even though we might not have known this.

(We are one body in Christ. One in love).

We are not Akans, English speaking people, ‘Ayigbes or (Ewes), Twis, South Africans, Jamaicans, South, Canadians-a people separated from each other or from others. These are our own divisions we made by ourselves.

Therefore, out of God’s love we came.

We are one body in Christ and this is the reason why we are here. This is the concept of  God having people in the universe.

So then, by grasping that we are from one Father it means that, we are to help each other and love one another.

‘Yes, This Is God’s Concept of Love In Us,’ says the Lord to me.

Yes-we are all on our Father’s land and the love in us is His Light!

This can be now easy for us to understand.

To God’s One Family Of Love-Grace And Peace.

Thank you.

Prince Akogo


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