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How The Rich Buy Their Homes Or Lands 

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How The Rich Buy Their Homes Or Lands 

It’s often known, that the rich do not carry up their savings, or will go ahead and close up their accounts, to go and buy either a land or a house!
Of course, they know if they do this, they’ll end up losing all that money, and it’ll be a hard time to begin saving again!
So, how do they do it?
They’ll rather deposit that huge savings into a lucrative financial security, like a ”Treasury Bill,” which pays a lot on huge investments.
In the future, they’ll rather arrange with a mortgage company to pay for that house or land on their behalf, and use the returns on the huge investments, to rather pay for the land or property through a monthly installment plan, or on the agreed period!
In the course of this, they’ll not lose their initial capital entirely, to owning that property, but will acquire that with the returns on their investments!

And so, they’ll still be able to acquire the land or the building (house),without losing their principal capital whatsoever!
It’ll be a better investment!
When they have used the profits of their investments to acquire those life-needed properties, they’ll then roll back that invested money, to acquire other returns for other future purchases!
The rich try to make it hard to lose their money! Often, those who don’t know, go on to acquire those properties, with every money in their accounts!
Hence, like the rich, it’s better to still be able to acquire the properties and to always hold on the savings in your accounts at the same time!
Yes-since money is hard to come by, it’s good to do things in this way!

Prince Akogo.

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