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Hey-The Law Of Karma Still Works: See How It Happened In A True Life Story


(Images Does Not Represent The True Couples).

A woman was insulting her husband, calling him ”fool and bastard.”

My friend and I were close by when we saw her raining insults over her husband.

”Why should a woman of such calibre be doing that?” I pondered to myself. My friend nodded in amazement and coughed.

”Wonders shall never end!”

I was wondering what he meant by that!

He began to give me an inside story about the woman, and the man (her husband) she was insulting.

Apparently, he knew the woman; she was staying behind his house.

From what I heard, this angry woman was the second wife of the man. I learnt from him that, the man was formerly married to a beautiful woman,in which he had two children with this first woman.

The second woman was then the friend of the marriage. Well, for some reason, she was jealous about the marriage, and asked the man to leave his wife, after a small quarrel transpired between them (the couple). This man listened to her, and abandoned his wife and two children-yes, it led to a divorce!

Well, seeing that there was vacancy, this woman we were looking at, started making advances towards the man, and was pretending to be a better choice, until the divorced man, gave in to her.

Now, today they’re also married with two kids, but the marriage is also in a hell!

Yet, the intensity of the quarrel between this woman, and her ‘so-called’ husband, is more than the intensity of the quarrel that was existing between the first woman, who had divorced her. Now, here she’s, before me.

”Fool; bastard,” I heard her scream; So what has been said, shall always be said, that ” What goes around shall always come, around!”

The Story Lessons:

*Don’t meddle in other people’s affairs. Don’t take what is not yours. Be content with what you have.

* Do not put asunder what God had put together: God had said it right that He hates divorce. ” I hate divorce,” said the Lord.

* While in marriage, do not be influenced by some friends or families, which you’ll regret later. This does not mean you should not seek human counsel, but leave all that to God, in prayer. Even the courts and the law can fail you.

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