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The Dream That Came True: A Story Lesson From A Woman’s True Life Encounter


(Image In Picture Does Not Represent The Real Dreamer)

It was one evening, when the dream came! She thought it was just a dream, but it was God warning her.

She told me how it had happened:  In the dream she saw that her house which she was building was on top of the water; it had flooded! The flood, was at the same location she was trying to build her house in reality. After the dream was over, she got up!

” What sought of bad dream, or nightmare it was,” she thought to herself!

Well, did she listen? She told me she didn’t. Around that time, the landlord was putting so much pressure on her since her rent was due! So she thought she could quickly get a piece of land and build her own house, and move into it, as soon as possible instead of renting another room for the second time.

So, she went to the land, saw the owner of that land, paid for it and was given the necessary papers.

Within one month, two weeks, her house was built up.

Well, she really didn’t check whether the place was a floody vicinity or the land was a water-logged area, or not! But it was, but God (the dream) had warned her, to either look fora different area or to consider staying at the very same place, or perhaps move to rent from a different location.

She confessed she was stubborn.

One month, two weeks, after her stay in her own house the rains came and poured down from heaven upon that town!

It was reported that, 50 years down the line, such a flood had never occurred in such a town, such that whole windows were covered and one could only view homes as ships like Noah’s Ark, in that place. The floods from heaven came at 3 different times,resulting into several damages in the town, and in fact, it was then reported, that at least 1 or 2 lives were lost!

The woman I’m talking about lost everything, except her life!

She had to escape for her life, when the rains got heavier than she could handle it. But all when she was in a secured place, she could still remember the dream, as a good story.

”God exists,” she said. ” God was there to warn me, but I didn’t listen His voice. He was trying to save me, and all my properties. Now, I’ve lost so much, and it’s like starting all over again!”

”Yes, God is real, and He speaks to us in dreams; He’s real!” I said to myself and her!

The Story Lessons:

* God is real; He speaks to us in dreams.

* Don’t take your dreams lightly! It may be all the warning you’ll ever need!

 * Yes, don’t be in a rush;  Commit all your issues into the hands of the Living Lord and He shall direct your paths!

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