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The Four Friends I Had Way Back In School: A True Life Story, To Learn From


(Featured Image Doesn’t Represent True Friends!)

Way back in Junior High School, I used to have 4 friends, whom I used to do everything with in class. But there was one friend amongst them, who thought he was a bit smart. We’ll go around, play, joke and fool around together.

However, whenever our exams results comes out, this other smart guy, will always be among the heads, or the top in our class, while the other four of us had bad or average grades. I followed his way of life for a long time, and discovered that, while he was done fooling with us, or wasting our time together with us, he’ll go and hide himself, or spend the night studying. (He never disclosed that other aspect of his life to us).

Oh yeah, before we could realize, we were down and he was up, and getting all the classroom praises.

Besides all that, he had the chance to travel abroad to further his education, in best schools.

Well, I can imagine how many students are going through these ordeals from their mates in classs.

The Story Lesson:

* Never go to school, and end up becoming a part of some friends, who’ll end up ruining your life in time. Most students, by the time they finish school, end up surprisingly become victims of such ordeals; make sure you’re smarter than them.

* Concentrate on your books; take the advice of your teachers and parents very seriously.

* What Good Lessons have you learnt from this real story?  Share your comment or chat with us below; find other true stories below, or from the homepage! Share this story too!

* Story Lessons-True Stories Happening Around Us, In The world!

By Prince Akogo.

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