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The Man With With His Hands Chopped Off: True Stories Happening Around The World!


I heard of a story, where a man’s hand got chopped off, in a public transport vehicle.

What happened was, this man stacked his arms out through the window of the public bus, as the bus moved.

Unknown to him, there was another car coming from the opposite direction of their public transport vehicle. The other driver lost control and drove closer to the side of the bus this young man was sitting in. That man did not realize that did not realize that car was coming so close to the side of their bus, so by the time he could stick his hand back into the car, the other driver had hit his hand heavily, and had chopped it off!

That was how he lost his arm.

The Story Lessons:

* Do not stick your arm or hands through the windows of your moving car when driving, or when at passenger section of moving vehicles. It can result in an accident, where another oncoming car, or another car behind, trying to overtake your car, may hit your hands.

* Similarly, apart from our hands, or arms, we should never stick our bodies or whole head out.  Indeed, it’s dangerous when you’re on a high street!

* What great lessons have you learnt from this true life event, which happened in the world?  Share your comment; find other stories below, or from our homepage by clicking here!

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