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The True Story Lessons On Teenagers Driving In & Around The United States of America!


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A documentary I watched reportedly said that, in a year 50,000 teenages in the U.S die in a car  accident. The report said the rate of death, was much more among the youth than amongst adults, who have been noticed to be a bit more careful and shown greater experience, when driving.

Two of the main causes of such car accidents were

a) Chatting on phone whiles driving

b) Driving about with a lot of friends in their cars leading to peer pressure. In addition the report stated that teenagers try to be a bit more careful when driving with their parents in their cars, than with their friends, or peers!

Lessons I’ve learnt:

a) In all, please be careful to push your child early, into driving on the main streets.

b) As a teenager, be careful not to be influenced by peers, or other teenagers in the car!

c) Talk or chat later; Don’t add yourself to the number of deaths, by chatting or whatsapping on phone whiles driving!

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By Prince Akogo.

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