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A Great Story Lesson: The Careless Taxi-Driver!


True Stories, In And Around The World! (Note; The Image Does Not Represent The Victim).

One evening, I was standing by a fast food joint, when a taxi driver drover over, and parked by the fast food joint to also order for some noodles.

Unfortunately, this driver forget too things.

a) First, he forgot to roll his car glass.

b) And secondly, he did not lock his car doors!

Well, I think that he felt that from where he was sitting, he could keep an eye on his car, from that side. Then it got to his turn to order, and he forgot about his car! He was served, and he turned to leave!


There was no car.

”Where is my car-?” He shouted.

People got closer to ask him questions, and they started helping him to search for this car!

One man got closer to ask him more details regarding his car, and reported to us, that this taxi driver admitted that he did not

*lock his car

* nor rolled his glass

* Nor took out the keys, before going for food!

”It looked like someone had made away with his Nissan car,” we concluded!

Perhaps, the thief was watching him from a distance, when he drove by, and had watched him made that blunder; and had decided to take advantage of it, immediately!

In short, he had to report the case to the police station.

On a different day, I was at the same place again, when someone drove by in a taxi; it was him! He walked in, walking boldly!

One lady behind the counter had fully recognized him, called him, and asked whether he was okay!

(I was attentive).

He leaned over the counter and said ” The police found the abandoned car at Pokuase beside a bush.” Pokuase was a far away town from where we were, about one and a half hours drive away!

He continued ”I lost about 500 dollars in my car, plus he made away with few genuine documents of mine.”

 ”Argh, too bad,” the lady sadly exclaimed.

The Story Lessons:

* The world has become very dangerous; never leave your glass unrolled, or car door unlocked, nor should ever leave your keys in the ignition if you’re in your house, or in your shop.

* Equally, don’t put your trust in people you think you know or don’t know to watch your car for you wherever you find yourself!

* What Story Lessons have you learnt from this story?  Share your comment or chat with us below; find other true stories below, or from the Homepage! Share this story!

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Prince Akogo.

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