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A True Confession From The Woman Who Sells Beads!


(The Above Picture Does Not Represent The Victim).

A woman (name with-held) who sells beads was called by an un-kown customer on the phone asking her to deliver him some African beads.

Before she’ll go, she sensed that she need to pick her 6 month baby along.

On arrival, she met the man standing infront of a shop, by a roadside.

Little did she know the man was a ritualist and a killer, who was secretly going to sacrifice her and actually, the agenda wasn’t about business at all.

However, the minute the pretended customer saw her with a baby in her car, he got annoyed asking her why she along with her baby during an important business meeting.

She was wondering why such frustrations and why she was not supposed to come with her baby in just a delivery business. What harm was the baby going to cause in just a simple product delivery?

Apparently, the man realized that the presence of this baby would cause or disturb his plans-well, perhaps, the cry of the baby could set an alarm since the location wasn’t at too lonely place and there were people around!

What happened?

She looked up at the frustrated customer, who then slipped his hand into his pocket and fetched out his phone, hit on some few buttons and called an unknown person.

Immediately he hanged up, he told the woman he can’t buy the beads anymore with the excuse that the real buyer is not interested in her products any longer!

She was lucky; God saved her on that day!

In fact, after analyzing the whole incidence and especially, on how the man was behaving, she realized that the man wasn’t really interested in the beads but had a different motive! All she could bid on was, they were going to sacrifice her but God who gave her that inner voice, discomfited them on that day with her beautiful baby!

Story Lessons To Be Learnt On This True Story:

a) Be careful of this world; when going to deliver up something or meeting someone for the very first time whom you don’t know try to go with somebody. Never go alone, even if you think they have the right intentions! You can’t know someone’s heart!

b) Be sensitive to the inner voice. Some of these inner feelings you feel to do or not to do something could be right! In all be careful, in life!

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By Prince Akogo.

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